Kanye West‬ Needs ‘Spiritual And Mental Help’ Says Rapper ‪Rhymefest‬‬

Kanye West‬ has been busy working on and finally releasing his seventh album, The Life of Pablo, as well as saying random and absurd things on Twitter. But another hip-hop artist who used to co-write lyrics with Kanye, Rhymefest, has recently come forward claiming that he can no longer work with Mr. West, and that he needs “help, in the form of counseling.”

While everybody has been waiting on Ye to finally release this highly anticipated album, Rhymefest took to social media on Friday, February 12 and said that he wishes West, 38, would get himself right, in the form of therapy.

“My brother needs help, in the form of counseling,” Rhymefest wrote on Twitter. “Spiritual & mental. He should step away from the public & yesmen & heal.”

Rhymefest, 38-year-old Che Smith and Chicago native, helped co-write Kanye West’s “Jesus Walks,” which won a Grammy in 2005 for Best Rap Song. In addition to that, Rhymefest also helped co-write “New Slaves,” which appeared on West’s 2013 album Yeezus.



Kanye West has always been outspoken and controversial, and given his recent rants on Twitter, maybe some having concern for the rapper’s mental health is valid.

Kanye West finally released his album, The Life of Pablo, after his musical performance on Saturday Night Live, before he sent out a random tweet asking his fans to pray for for him, as he is $53 million in debt. This wasn’t followed up with any real evidence, however Kanye has mentioned that he was $16 million in debt last year, making moves to get his clothing line launched, reports CNN.

Kanye West‬ Needs 'Spiritual And Mental Help' Says Rapper ‪Rhymefest‬‬
On Thursday, February 11, at Madison Square Garden, Kanye West launched his Season 3 Yeezy fashion collection to a packed audience, while playing his new album in the background. Along with that, the rapper revealed a trailer for a video game he has been working one, called Only One: The Game. The title comes from the song “Only One,” which he co-wrote with Paul McCartney. “I worked on a video game and I wanted to show y’all,” West told the crowd.

Apparently, the game is a tribute to the rapper’s late mother, Donda West, who died in 2007 at the age of 58. The concept of the game is that Donda is traveling through the gates of heaven. Donda rides on a beautiful winged horse in the trailer, then grows her own wings and flies up through the sky. It is certainly unique and unexpected.

The crowd did not give him the overwhelmingly positive response he probably wanted, which promoted Kanye to want to make them watch it again.

“Y’all just be acting like that s**t is regular,” he told the crowd, playing the trailer for a second time. “No, you don’t understand. I go out and meet with everybody in San Fran, and they’ll diss the f*** out of me. And I’ll be like, ‘I wanna make a game,’ and they’ll be like, ‘F*** YOU.’ That was hard to do, bro!”

The response to the trailer produced similar mixed reactions on Twitter, with some feeling sentimental, some laughing and some doing both.

Kanye West losing his mother was one tragic event that inspired his 2008 album, 808s & Heartbreaks, which only took him three weeks to record. The symptoms of bipolar disorder, including irrational outbursts, exaggerated self-esteem, complex mood swings, temper tantrums, and impulsiveness, all seem to be characteristics that can easily be attributed to the Chicago rapper when evaluating his behavior for the last decade. This would have worsened after the death of his mother, and there has never been any public acknowledgement that Kanye has received any sort of professional mental health therapy or counseling.

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