Did Patrick Schwarzenegger Connection Help Taylor Swift Land Prestigious Award?

As of late country star sensation Taylor Swift has been out and about with Hollywood royalty, Patrick Schwarzenegger, who just so happens to be the son of actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. While reports have said that the two may be having a romantic time together, perhaps their impromptu hang outs aren’t what they seem.

At first the hangouts between the two seemed pretty random, because the details of their initial meeting were never disclosed, and very out of the blue. Patrick and Taylor were most recently spotted spending the Fourth of July together at the Kennedy compound in Cape Cod. Not too shabby, right? Perhaps the meeting of Swift and the younger Schwarzenegger wasn’t random at all, but instead it might be that Patrick Schwarzenegger is acting as political leverage for Taylor Swift’s image.
It was announced today for some “unknown reason” that Taylor Swift will indeed be receiving a prestigious award at the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights. Of course, Patrick Schwarzenegger’s mother Maria Shriver is a Kennedy by blood, which makes Patrick a part of the long-cursed Kennedy brood as well.

While it is to be noted that Taylor Swift has been a leader in some charitable causes, the timing of this budding romance or flirtation couldn’t be any better for the country singer. What do you think? Is Swift using Schwarzenegger for his family name and to better her image? Do you think she will eventually pen a song after him? Let’s hope these two don’t experience a tumultuous Hollywood break up.