WWE News: WWE Superstar Stardust To Face ‘Arrow’ Star Stephen Amell At ‘WrestleMania 32’?

WWE Superstar Stardust has been in the news a bit this weekend, and it’s all really due to his misunderstanding of “acting.” The man formerly known as Cody Rhodes has seemingly decided to become the character known as Stardust on a full-time basis. That also means he does not get the idea of someone playing a character, as he cannot tell the difference. At least, that is the issue he is having with the Green Arrow, I mean, Stephen Amell.

Amell and Stardust have a rivalry going back to this past Summer, which ultimately resulted in a tag team match between the two at WWE SummerSlam. Amell showed a lot of cool moves throughout the match, but it ended with their tag partners and not them. Neville, Amell’s tag partner, pinned Wade Barrett, who happened to be Stardust’s partner. Stardust then turned on Barrett the next night on WWE RAW.

In a cool result, Amell won the Slammy Award in December for the Best Celebrity Moment. He obviously could not be at RAW, so Stardust accepted the award on his behalf. Amell then wanted to get his award, and they decided to meet in New York for Stardust to give it back. The idea was for Stardust to crash a Comic Con around the same area, but due to a major winter storm, this had to be pushed back until the Dallas Comic Con this past weekend.

Stardust crashed this event, as you can see below.

Stephen Amell issued a challenge to Stardust to sign the Slammy Award along with himself, and the two would auction it off to fund Drax Shadow’s recovery. Of course, Drax is a child named Elijah Mainville who has cancer. Stardust is his favorite WWE Superstar, and he has been nice enough to help young Drax with his recovery through shirts, among other things.

Amell’s Slammy will go on auction, and all the proceeds will go to Drax, which was really cool to see. The idea of the two of them doing this is awesome to see, but they still have a score to settle. During the video, Amell brings up that Stardust lost to him in a match, but Stardust counters, saying that he was beaten in a tag match and not one on one. Of course, neither were in the actual end of the match. This was said to be a tease of things to come.

The end to the SummerSlam match was done to set up a future match between the two. It looks that they now will face off at WrestleMania 32 in a one-on-one match. WWE was said to have been very impressed with Stephen Amell in his material with WWE so far. Amell is a long-time WWE fan and had been trying to be part of WWE RAW for some time. He was able to finally get his moment to shine with WWE in 2015 and will get another chance in 2016.

Amell Panel

It is not uncommon for celebrities to get involved with WrestleMania, as there have been several athletes and celebrities who have been in matches, from the NFL’s Lawrence Taylor to Jersey Shore’s Snooki. Even host extraordinaire Maria Menounos has wrestled for WWE in various matches. Other than Mr T., Amell would be the first male actor to have ever worked a one-on-one match at WrestleMania.

Stephen Amell may not be an athlete, but he trains like one. He does a lot of the stunts featured on his CW show Arrow, and he can most likely put on a great contest with Stardust. He has also trained a bit in wrestling in preparation for another match. Amell is going to be part of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, which is set for release this summer. It involved WWE Superstar Sheamus, which means we may see more of Amell later this year. In the meantime, he would be able to promote Arrow. So the match is helpful for promotion and for the fact that it is a good idea to do at this point.

[Image via WWE]