Gunmen Spotted On Arkansas State’s Campus [Update]

Arkansas State University is officially on lockdown due to three Gunman spotted in the area. More specifically, Arkansas students reported “males with weapons were reported near the Student Union.

RT reports that witnesses saw the three males all wearing black were last seen walking north near Dean St.

The campus has also issued a series of tweets confirming the eye witness’ statements.

Arkansas State Campus Police are currently clearing the area.

Arkansas police have rushed to the scence and are currently investigating.

Meanwhile, fellow Arkansas students are warning each of other of the gunmen via social media.

According to Gawker, officials have apprehended one suspect so far. One gunman, Brad Bartelt, 47, claims that he was working alone despite reports of multiple assailants being on the scene.

Jonesboro Police Chief Rick Elliott said that Bartelt was carrying a 12-gauge shotgun, gasoline can, and a propane tank.

Police verified that there was no shots fired

The lock-down has been lifted at around 2:40 p.m.

Currently, Police are still working to identify and capture the other Gunmen on the Arkansas State Campus. This story is still developing, so check back at the Inquisitr for updates.