Danney Williams Claims To Be Bill Clinton's Illegitimate Son, Wants DNA Test And A Meeting With His Alleged Father

Shaunee Flowers

Former president Bill Clinton is no stranger to rumors of infidelity, and his days in the White House were marred by stories of his continuous sexual discrepancies. Maybe that's why Danney Williams' claims that Bill Clinton is his father don't seem too far-fetched. The rumor that Clinton may have fathered a secret love child with a Little Rock prostitute aren't even new, but Danney is on a mission to prove that he is Bill Clinton's son, and the timing couldn't be worse for Hillary Clinton's run at the presidency.

Danney Williams is on Twitter, and he is trying to get his story out. Even without Clinton's history with Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, and countless others, Danney's story is gaining ground, and the evidence is really starting to stack up in his favor. Williams wants a DNA test to prove that he is possibly the only son of Bill Clinton. Will that request ever be granted?

— Danney Williams (@danney_williams) January 8, 2016

What makes this story even more wild is that a former Arkansas State Trooper, named Buddy Young, has confirmed that Clinton did have a relationship with Bobbie Ann Williams. Young claims that he drove Clinton and Williams to her mother's house near Hot Springs, Arkansas, in 1983 for an "intimate visit" while her mother was not even there, according to the Political Insider. Buddy Young claims that they were paid $400 each, and were even given a $50 tip.

— Danney Williams (@danney_williams) February 12, 2016

There has been a lot of talk lately about whether a DNA test can and will be conducted to prove the story of Danney Williams and his mother, Bobbie Ann Williams. There is already a sample of Bill Clinton's DNA on record during the Monica Lewinsky probe while he was still in office. Many are hoping that Williams' DNA can be run against the sample collected from Bill Clinton that was compared to stains on a certain blue dress worn by Monica Lewinsky when she was a White House intern. That might not be possible anymore, and there have been reports that Clinton's DNA from the Kenneth Starr investigation may have been tampered with, but is no longer available for comparison to that of Danney Williams.

— Hellno2hillary2016 (@ExposeHillary) January 29, 2016

Although this story has come up over the years, that is the original reason that Danney wasn't revealed to the world when he was born. This is the Clinton sex scandal that just won't go away, although the proper steps still haven't been taken to prove the story right or wrong. Unless Clinton really has something to hide, it might behoove the former president to go ahead and confront the rumors and just give Williams the DNA test that he's been demanding for years.

Do you think Bill Clinton should submit to the DNA test and prove whether or not the Williams' family is telling the truth? Will the Clintons even respond or react to Danney's claims and his interest in meeting with his alleged father?

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