Maci Bookout Pregnant, ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star To Welcome Third Child In May

Maci Bookout has been one of the more low maintenance Teen Mom OG stars. She began on her reality television journey on 16 & Pregnant, and quickly became engaged to her first son’s father, Ryan Edwards. Bookout eventually realized things would not work out with Edwards, and moved on as a single mother of Bentley. Throughout the seasons, Bookout has dated, mostly long-term. Last season of Teen Mom OG, fans were introduced to Taylor McKinney. The two have been together for quite some time now. Bookout recently became engaged to McKinney, and the two welcomed their first child together last May. Now, Bookout has dropped a bombshell on fans, and there is plenty of chatter happening.

It was no secret that Maci Bookout wanted more children. She has talked about it for several seasons, but never went through with it until last year. Taylor McKinney is the one for Bookout, and they decided to start a family. Jayde Carter was welcomed by Maci and Taylor last May, and has been shown on Teen Mom OG recently. According to MTV, Maci Bookout is expecting her third child. This news has sent fans into a frenzy. Bookout announced it on Instagram, and she is due in May again. The babies will be just a year apart, even a few weeks shy, possibly. Bookout announced she is welcoming a son with McKinney, and that this child will be their last. Her official due date is May 30, just one day after Jayde’s first birthday.

The engagement between Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney has been talked about a lot. While it was announced just a few weeks ago, Bookout claims she found out she was pregnant right after it happened. With her due date approaching in just over 15 weeks, fans are unsure about the timing of it all. Bookout had talked a lot about being an unwed mother two times over, so speculation is they announced the engagement first and then “found out” about the pregnancy. Teen Mom OG are happy for Bookout and McKinney, just shocked at the timing of everything.

While the pregnancy was not planned, both Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney are excited to welcome their son this spring. According to Wetpaint, Maci Bookout is laid back with this pregnancy. Since her daughter and son will be just around a year apart, she already knows what to expect. Bookout’s eldest son, Bentley, is already 7-years-old. There have been plenty of chaotic moments for this family, but all of them have been worth it to get to this point.

A wedding is happening in the very near future, though Maci Bookout has been coy about what she is planning. Teen Mom OG fans have been waiting for quite some time for the two to become engaged, and now the wedding date is the next announcement that has them waiting. Bookout and McKinney attended Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra’s wedding last August, and will likely be in attendance when Amber Portwood marries Matt Baier in October. Right now, it is unclear whether or not Bookout will allow Teen Mom OG to film her wedding, but fans are hoping she does.

So much is changing for Maci Bookout and the other girls from Teen Mom OG. From weddings to new babies, the last several years have flown by. Bookout has been one of the more laid back moms, not getting into trouble or headlining the tabloids. With Taylor McKinney ready to settle down and with the couple having their final child, things are about to get real. Bookout has always talked about her desire for more children, and now she is rounding out her number at three. Fans wish Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney nothing but the best, especially with the the upcoming arrival of their son.

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