iPhone 7 Ditching Headphone Jack For Second Speaker, According To Reports

Rumors about the iPhone 7 have been swirling for weeks on news that Apple will make several product announcements in March.

The latest iPhone 7 rumor to surface claims Apple designers have decided to ditch the headphone jack. That much we have heard for months. What was expected was the possibility of Bluetooth headphones working with the latest iPhone model.

iPhone 7 Ditching Headphone Jack For Second Speaker, According To Reports
Even though the headphone jack was expected to be lost on the latest iPhone models, what was unexpected was news that the iPhone 7 would have a second speaker. According to Tech Times, the second speaker could be more than just a rumor.

Apple Insider obtained a copy of Barclay’s research memo written by analysts Blayne Curtis and Christopher Hemmelgarn, saying that the company will use a second amp in the iPhone 7. This is said to be produced by Cirrus Logic to power the phone’s second speaker.

“The second speaker could probably be spotted on the same edge as the removed headphone jack and the existing speaker.”

The updated design and additional speaker does not ensure better sound, Tech noted, adding, “[The] next-generation iPhone would not provide the best stereo sound, as the two speakers are placed on the phone’s bottom edge.

“To date, a good number of smartphones in the market are already fitted with stereo speakers. These speakers in some of these devices are placed on opposite ends, allowing for better panning, especially when in landscape mode.”

MacWorld in the United Kingdom has pegged the launch date of the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus at September, 2016, months after the phones are announced in March.

iPhone 7 Ditching Headphone Jack For Second Speaker, According To Reports
Some of the other features MacWorld noted were a “slightly improved” battery life, as well as “AirPods.”

“More interestingly, Apple is believed to be working on new AirPods, which will be completely wireless earphones that are so completely wireless that they don’t even have a wire between the left and right earpiece. Apple has registered the AirPods trademark, too,” MacWorld‘s report said.

9to5Mac said the update on the earbuds was possible as a result of Apple owning Beats. That’s right. If you can’t beat them, buy them.

The earbuds will be somewhat noticeable if the image on 9to5Mac is any indication, but it should significantly reduce the visibility of the iPhone on mass transit and in the office. With no wires and no fumbling to make a call or listen to music (thanks to Siri’s voice command), it may be possible to operate the phone completely hands free.

9 to 5 Mac breaks down the future of the “AirPods” like this.

“It’s expected that the in-development accessory will include a noise-cancelling microphone system, enabling phone calls and communication with Siri even without Apple’s prior in-line microphone and remote. In order to fit inside of the user’s ear, Apple will likely develop different sized ear sleeves for the hardware, similar to the approach used by Motorola and Bragi. Bragi’s headphones include a built-in button to answer calls, so Apple’s could have a control for managing calls and activating Siri.

“Apple has registered the ‘AirPods’ trademark which may be what these are called.”

The news about the latest iPhone 7 model has many diehard Apple fans dreaming of the new devices, but InformationWeek notes that the new Samsung Galaxy S7 is arriving in the American market this month, beating Apple by five months. Only time will tell if this hurts the brand, though Apple continues to be the No. 1 smartphone in the marketplace.

Will you wait to purchase the new iPhone 7, or will you jump at the chance to purchase a new Samsung Galaxy S7? Tell us in the comments section below.

[Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images]