WWE News: Former TNA Knockout Awesome Kong Teasing Return To WWE

Former TNA Knockout Awesome Kong made a huge impact on the world of pro-wrestling in TNA for years. Eventually, this caught the attention of WWE, who hired her and changed her name to Kharma. She bypassed any sort of major developmental time and came in with a huge impact. WWE was making her into something pretty special, even allowing her to be part of the Royal Rumble and eliminate male opponents.

Everyone thought that Awesome Kong would become a huge part of a very terrible WWE Diva Division. They lost a few of their top Divas, and having someone come in to fill the void would be huge. Sadly, this did not occur as she came out and really spoke to the crowd in a big way for the first time since her arrival. She told the world that she was pregnant, which was cool to hear.

WWE had to be upset that this happened so soon into her WWE career, and at a time when they needed her. However, the thought was that she would be back. However, she never returned to in-ring action with WWE and sadly, she lost the child in a miscarriage. Since then, Kong had a small role in some independent promotions. She eventually rejoined TNA, where she was performing until just recently.

Awesome Kong
She was in an altercation with Reby Hardy, known to fans as the wife of TNA World Champion Matt Hardy, and under her normal name of Reby Sky. She happened to get into a fight with her to a point where Reby was physically hurt. TNA did not accept what Awesome Kong did and ended up firing her for the issue. Kong and Reby have a history, but according to reports, Kong was in the wrong regardless of their past.

Now that she is free to go anywhere she wants, she has been teasing a return to WWE via her Twitter.

According to most news outlets, there is no word on WWE being interested in signing Awesome Kong again. However, she is seemingly wanting to generate buzz regardless, which will hopefully catch WWE’s attention. Clearly, Kong does want to return to WWE, but after this latest incident with Reby where TNA it does not look good for her to go right to WWE.

Kharma Bellas
Most believe if she did get hired back by WWE, it would not be for a while. Some have speculated that if she is brought back, it would be for WWE NXT. The idea is that she could be a big addition to the NXT roster. Once they tour more, she could be a big female name to use. If she is hired, this very well could be where she ends up. This is especially true now with all of the new names WWE has on the main roster such as the Four Horsewomen.

Well, they are missing one, but she’s set to be on the main roster soon. Regardless, Awesome Kong would be helpful to the WWE. However, there might be a trust issue due to the Reby Sky incident. It would be odd for WWE to re-hire someone who was in such an altercation with another company that resulted in a dismissal from the company. This is why Awesome Kong becoming Kharma once more does seem to be out of the question, for now, at least.

At the end of the day, WWE has to answer to stockholders and more. It would be a liability to hire Awesome Kong now, knowing what she did just weeks ago. It is smart for her to create buzz for herself, but that does not mean she’s coming or that WWE is even interested right now.

[Image via TNA Wrestling]