Katy Perry Invited Taylor Swift To Her Pre-Grammy Party — Did Katy Side With Taylor In Nasty Kanye West Feud?

It looks like Katy Perry is doing her part to put an end to a longstanding feud with her rival in music and in love. Taylor Swift was invited to Perry’s pre-Grammy party, and whether she attends or not, this finally might just end a rivalry between Taylor and Katy. Some are wondering why Katy would suddenly go out of her way to fix her broken friendship with Taylor Swift. Do you think Kanye West was to blame? Some think Katy is taking Taylor’s side in what is nothing more than another publicity stunt from Kanye during the release of his album, The Life of Pablo.

Taylor and Katy used to be friends but apparently that was called off after one of them broke the code and dated the other’s ex-boyfriend. The feud became so intense at one point that Katy Perry is rumored to be the person Taylor Swift was singing about in her very popular song, “Bad Blood.” Now, it looks like Katy is trying to make amends with her former BFF by inviting Taylor to attend her pre-Grammy party, hosted by Spotify, that took place on Saturday night

It’s unclear if Taylor made it to the party or not, but it was a huge deal for Katy to put their past behind them and invite her. It seems their relationship went south fast after Swift started dating John Mayer, Katy’s on-again, off-again boyfriend. That all seems to be over now, though, because Katy is reportedly happier than ever in the arms of Orlando Bloom. Likewise, we’ve heard rumors of moving in together all the way up to engagement stories and possibly even wedding bells for Taylor and her hot boyfriend, Calvin Harris.

Billboard reported that Perry admitted to inviting Taylor Swift, as well as Adele, to her party, and it had to have been a big hit. According to Katy, whether or not Taylor and Adele showed up was entirely up to their own busy schedules. We know both will be in Los Angeles because the Grammys are going on Monday, February 15.

Taylor will definitely be attending the Grammys, since she was nominated for seven Grammys and is expected to make history with her wins on Monday night. Not to mention, it was recently announced that Swift would be opening up the awards show with a song from her hit 1989 album. Adele is also on the list of performers for the evening, but won’t be winning any awards. Adele’s newest album, 25, wasn’t released in time to qualify for the Grammys, probably to the relief of everyone else nominated for awards this year.

After all this time, why would Katy Perry want Taylor Swift to attend her party? Both Taylor and Adele refuse to have their music streamed on Spotify, the party host. The only real explanation for inviting Swift would be an attempt to mend fences with her former friend. Is it possible that Taylor and Katy could be friends now that they are both locked down in relationships with men that the other hasn’t dated?

You know who wasn’t mentioned as an invite to Katy’s party? Taylor’s BFF, Selena Gomez, wasn’t mentioned as being on the guest list for the Spotify pre-Grammy party. Did Katy Perry leave her off the invite list on purpose? That wouldn’t be surprising, because Selena does have a bit of a past with Katy’s man, Orlando Bloom. If Katy is trying to keep other women out of Orlando’s sights, it would make sense for her to snub Gomez. Orlando was in attendance at the party, by the way.

Maybe Kanye West can finally take credit for something and be right. If Katy invited Taylor to her party because she is siding with the “Shake It Off” singer over Kanye’s really rude lyrics about her, then maybe it’s because of Kanye that the two are able to be friends again.

[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]