February 14, 2016
Rebel Wilson Asked To Be Justin Bieber's Valentine, She Tells Graham Norton

So, apparently Justin Bieber has a Valentine's Day date, and it's Rebel Wilson. While on the Graham Norton Show, Rebel Wilson revealed everything about her crazy night with Justin Bieber at Jennifer Lopez's Vegas concert.

Hollywood Life reports that Justin Bieber actually got asked out by both Rebel Wilson and Kelly Osbourne, who are older than him by a decade.

"You got your picture taken with [Justin]," Graham Norton asked Rebel. "Yeah, we hung out all night, because I think most girls get their picture taken with him and are like 'aaaahhh' and be a bit pathetic. But I met him and was like 'hey, what's up?'"

After they got comfortable, Rebel Wilson and Justin Bieber took a selfie together, but Bieber still looked a little out of it.

"He still looks quite nervous," Graham responds. "No, he's not, that's because I was holding his balls," Rebel responded.

Rebel was clearly joking because she couldn't keep a straight face while telling Graham her story. Fellow guest Julianne Moore was laughing right beside her the whole time, too.

Mashable also reports that after the groping of Justin Bieber, Rebel Wilson and Kelly Osbourne sent him a note in the most "low-tech" way possible.

"Yeah, and then we noticed that Justin Bieber was sitting two rows behind us [at the JLo concert]," Rebel revealed. "And we thought, you know Valentine's Day is coming up, we're both single — let's just make a play for him. Like at first we thought it'd be funny, and then it actually worked. And we sent Justin a note through our bodyguard."
That's how it happened. That's how Rebel Wilson asked Justin Bieber to be her Valentine, but what's even crazier is that it kind of worked.

"As you can see from Exhibit A, it is checked seven times, so that means seven dates," Rebel Wilson told Graham. "And I'm thinking horse riding, or a pool party. He hasn't gotten back in touch with me. He hasn't actually gotten in touch with me about the actual date, and I should probably stop talking about it because he'll think I'm weird."

That's quite the story for both Rebel Wilson and Justin Bieber. It looks like Bieber has a Valentine's Day date after all.

In all honesty, Rebel Wilson loves being single, and she recently revealed her favorite things about being single. "Doing whatever you want, whenever you want, I'm very attached to that," she said. "If I just want to go on a holiday, I go on a holiday. If I just feel like going on a hike today or sleeping in today, eat whatever... I'm not very accustomed to compromise."

Her new movie, How To Be Single, is already out and it seems like the character she plays in the movie echos how she is in real-life, too. She is getting a little older, though.

"An actress has a playing age and can play within that, so why does it matter what her actual age is?" the 35-year-old questioned. "I don't get that. My movie was number one and the [Australian press] tried to find anything they could that was bad on me. The most they could find out is that I stopped saying my age in press articles."

[Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]