More Bing homepage photos plus a photo contest

Steven Hodson

I realize that this news will really only apply to a small segment of readers, those one's not swimming in the Google kool-aid at least, but when it comes to Bing one of the that has become a bit of a consumer hit is its homepage photos. The photos change everyday but now they'll be changing in more countries with pictures of those countries.

Starting next month these additional countries will include: Australia, Canada, China, Japan, and the UK. these countries will have customized photos with their own hotspots of mouse over information. Now sticking with the homepage photos for a second one of the really neat things that has come out of these homepage photos is Bing fans have begun collecting them in order to share all the ones that have been displayed so far.

The best project so far is the one that Long Zheng has put together over at the Bing Image Archive which is where you can find all the background images presented in a calendar format that you can scroll through to see what image was shown on what day.


Now on to the contest.

The Bing team is launching their first photo submission via Facebook. The theme is summer travel and the winner will have their photo displayed on the Bing homepage on Monday, August 3rd. If interested head over to the Bing contest on Facebook and check out the rules and such. Good luck.

hat tip to LiveSide