Oh, Sick Irony: Michael Vick To Buy His Kids A New Dog

NFL star and controversial public figure Michael Vick can now legally own a dog again, just five years after his conviction for illegal dog-fighting, and reports suggest that he’s ready for a new pup, though the QB is hiding behind his kids regarding the”why”.

In an appearance on Piers Morgan’s show last night, Vick admitted that he’d like to get a dog, albeit for his kids. The Philadelphia Eagles QB was previously banned from owning dogs for three years following his 19 months served in federal prison, reports TMZ. The ban is just about up, and Vick sounds like he wants to celebrate it with a new canine companion, arguing that it would be “therapeutic” for his kids, or something.

“I can’t take that dream away from them,” argues Vick on behalf of his children. “That’s selfish on my behalf. You know, so, gotta find a way to make it right and, you know, I put everything in God’s hands to make it right.”

Vick stressed that he wouldn’t be getting a pit bull, notes the Examiner.

Of course, we all remember with perhaps vivid detail the charges that kept Vick from owning a dog in the first place. In case you forgot, here’s a small snippet via NY Daily from the investigative report disclosed all the way back in 2007: “Vick, Peace and Phillips executed approximately six dogs by hanging and drowning. The hanging deaths occurred by placing a nylon cord over a 2×4 that was nailed to two trees located next to the big shed. The men drowned the others by putting the dogs’ heads in a five-gallon bucket of water.”

Still, things are reportedly somewhat contentious between Vick and the kids. “The lowest moment was when I had to tell my son that I was going to prison, and that I was going to be going for two years,” said Vick, calling it the hardest thing he’s ever had to do, reports Yahoo Sports.

Michael Vick post-confession

Though Vick definitely seems to be fighting for redemption, and I’d like to believe he can get it, this isn’t the way to go. There are just way too many animal lovers (myself included) in this country to let him off the hook so easily. The fact that he understands he’ll likely be paying a life-long penance for his crimes is certainly a start, but it’s hardly enough. And I certainly wouldn’t be talking about owning a dog again (and joking that it won’t be a pit bull) for maybe two decades.

But hey. It’s for the kids, right?

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