Entire U.K. Band — Viola Beach — Dies In Crash, Band Was ‘On Verge Of Great Things’

Five young British men of the indie band Viola Beach, including the band’s manager, have been reported dead after suffering and succumbing to wounds and impact experienced in a car crash on Saturday in Sweden, the Foreign Office said.

The crash took place near the Swedish capital, Stockholm, and involved the car plunging more than 25 meters, or 82 feet, from a highway overpass into a canal below.

The Foreign Office has been in contact with the authorities local to where the crash took place and have been supporting the families of the victims. The BBC shares details about the identity of the band members involved in the deadly crash.

“The Warrington-based band members were Kris Leonard, River Reeves, Tomas Lowe and Jack Dakin. They were due to play a gig in Guildford in Surrey on Saturday, and were part of the line-up for Swedish music festival Where is the Music? on Friday.”

The four-man-band released their hit debut single last year, entitled “Swings & Waterslides,” and had been featured on the BBC during a program that showcases up-and-coming musical talent. Fans have been paying tribute to the band by posting to various social media platforms since news of the band members’ deaths was made public.

Further details and evidence about the full cause of the crash are still being investigated, and the news site relays that local police stated that divers have recovered all bodies of the victims at this time. The age of the deceased band-mates and manager ranged from 20 to 35 years. What has been made known is that the Nissan Qashqai the five men were in during the crash plunged into the canal via a gap in the bridge which had opened to allow a boat to pass under.

The BBC outlines the details about this fact that has been made public knowledge.

“The bridge has a middle section that rises directly upwards without tilting, leaving a gap that the car drove into, Swedish police said. A barrier before the opening has flashing lights and warning signs, the officer handling the case said, and other drivers were waiting behind the barrier.”

Inspector Martin Bergholm spoke with several witnesses about the unfortunate accident that led the car to plunge into the canal. The news publication shares the words of the officer.

“For some reason, the car drove through the barriers and crashed down into the canal. The witnesses just saw a car beside them and kind of disappear.”


The accident is a horrible tragedy, and it’s been noted that even more saddening is the fact that the band was set to be massively successful. The Independent shares in regards to the promise Viola Beach had displayed over the past year.

“The band were set for big things in the future, having played storming sets at the likes of Reading and Leeds festival, and with dates booked at Kendall Calling and SXSW. According to BBC 1 DJ Hugh Stephens, they were incredibly promising, having released three singles, including the hit ‘Swings & Waterslides’ which debuted last year and gained over a million plays on Spotify and Soundcloud.”

The four-man-band had played on several BBC sets, introducing new artists, including one at Maida Vale. This resulted in an outpouring of support from record labels who sought to sign them. Additional songs that were released by Viola Beach include “Cherry Vimpto” and the upcoming single that was slated for release, “Boys That Sing.”

As noted previously, fans of the talented band Viola Beach have been showing support and posting tributes by the masses to social media. Music promoter Dave Pichilingi was responsible for booking the band for Liverpool Sound City festival last year, a festival they were set to play at again this year. He shared his opinion of the band who died tragically.

“[They were] a hungry, energetic, amazing [band who] were on the verge of great things.”

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