Courteney Cox Guessed That Chandler And Monica Would End Up Together One Year Before It Happened

Courteney Cox fans are delighted to hear that the former Friends star will be returning to the small screen in another television comedy series. Not only will Courteney Cox be starring in Charity Case, but she will also be taking on the role of producer for the new series. USA Today reported that Fox ordered a pilot of Charity Case last week.

Charity Case is another in the line of single camera comedy shows, which will show Courteney Cox playing the role of main character Hailey who inherits a billion-dollar fortune after the death of her husband, and is put in the position of running her late husband’s charity. As USA Today reported, Couretney Cox’s character is set to find that “changing the world is far less glamorous than she had imagined.”

Courteney Cox’s new television series is a joint project between 20th Century Fox Television and ABC Studios. Joining Courteney Cox in the role of Executive Producer will be James Griffith and Robert Padrick.

Apart from her former success in the hit TV show Friends, Courteney Cox had her most recent television success in Cougar Town, which aired on TBS and ABC. Cougar Town enjoyed significant success while it lasted, with the final episode being aired in 2015. As Entertainment Weekly reported, Cougar Town also starred Dan Boyd, Busy Phillips, Christa Miller, and enjoyed success for 102 episodes spanning six seasons.

Courteney Cox is not the only Friends alum who will be releasing a pilot for a new television show this coming season. Matt LeBlanc is set to star in I’m Not Your Friend, for which a pilot was ordered last week by CBS. Similarly to Courteney Cox, LeBlanc will be taking on the role of producer in the new television show.

Her new television series pilot is not the only reason that Courteney Cox has been making news lately. Five out of the six Friends cast members reunited recently for a tribute to James Burrows, and Courteney Cox seemed as delighted as the other former Friends stars to be in the same room together again.

As Daily Mail reported, even with Matthew Perry a noticeable absentee, the five remaining Friends stars delighted fans with the same level of chemistry that they shared during the days of the hit TV show’s success.

Fans of the show were on the edge of their seats as the tribute host Andy Cohen asked a question that had many people wondering over the years.

“Did you all sign contracts saying that you wouldn’t sleep with each other?”

Courteney Cox and her fellow former Friends castmates seemed unsure as to how they should answer that question, and nothing happened until Lisa Kudrow nudged David Schwimmer, visibly prompting him to reply on behalf of the others, then finally saying, “David, say something!”

Speaking of Courteney Cox’s role on Friends, Useless Daily reports that Courteney Cox may have had an inkling that her character Monica was destined to end up with Matthew Perry’s character Chandler. Back in 1997, Courteney Cox was asked in an interview with Elle Magazine who she would choose if she had to “do” another Friend.

Courteney Cox chose the character of Chandler, citing the reason that Chandler’s sarcastic comments were similar to those made by her own character, Monica. As it turns out, it is almost a year to the day after the interview was published in Elle Magazine that Chandler and Monica started dating in the Friends Season 4 finale, shot in London.

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