Husband Solicits Men To Rape His Wife In Craigslist Ad

An Idaho husband allegedly solicited men to fulfill his wife’s rape fantasy with a Craigslist advertisement. The husband and Craigslist ad responders reportedly exchanged emails to arrange the sexual assault, according to the New York Daily News. The unnamed man from the Twin Falls area posted the ad asking men to “rape” his wife in the Craigslist’s “causal encounters” section. The prosecuting attorney arraigned the 32-year-old man earlier this week on solicitation of rape and burglary charges.

The Associated Press, who originally broke the story, is withholding the name of the suspect to protect the name of the victim. Bail was set in the Craigslist ‘rape fantasy’ case at $100,000. According to excerpts from court documents, the man’s wife knew nothing about the “rape” ad placed on Craigslist by her husband. The ad, which has now been removed, informed potential takers that his wife had “fantasized about being raped” before emails where further details were allegedly discussed took place.

Twin Falls law enforcement officers responded to an emergency call at the victim’s house during the late evening hours last Thursday and again on Saturday. The woman reported that her house was broken into on each occasion – by different men, Fox News reports.

The victim told Twin Falls police officers that a man rang the doorbell and stated, “I’m here for you,” before forcing his way into the home. The victim reports being chased through her home and ran into her bedroom to grab a 9mm handgun, but the intruder grabbed it out of her hands. The gun discharged during the struggle, but no one was hurt and the men then fled. The woman also fired a shot at the second man who entered her home on Saturday evening and held him at gunpoint until police officers arrived.

After police arrived on the scene and questioned the second intruder, the man stated he was simply following up on the Craigslist ad and attempting to fulfill the woman’s rape fantasy. According to the suspect’s statement to Twin Falls police officers, he was instructed via email to force his way into the home and then “rape” the woman – “no matter how much she resisted.”

The husband admitted to setting the two Craigslist “rape” incidents in motion after police officers reviewed his email and phone records.