Betty White: She’s Still Got It!

Betty White is best known for her role as Rose on the Golden Girls, a comedy television show about four senior women living in the same house and going through the final stages of life together. But Betty has been in a lot of movies and television shows since the Golden Girls, including That 70’s Show, Dennis the Menace Strikes Again, and The Lorax. While she is an older woman, she still has a lot of humor in her personality and loves doing comedy. She even had her own television show, called Betty White’s Off Their Rockers. The show premiered in 2012, and ran for 2 seasons. Repeats are still shown on some stations. Betty White has tons of talent, which has been obvious throughout all of her roles.

Betty White recently gave a review on the new movie, Deadpool, and the fans are finding the review quite amusing, considering who it is coming from. According to Entertainment Weekly, Betty White considers Deadpool “The best picture of the year.” She also included a few choice words in her review (including the f-word a couple times!). It’s surprising that so many people were shocked at this coming from Betty White. In her review of Deadpool, Betty once again shows she is not just a sweet old lady, but she actually is also very witty and her comments will sometimes shock and always amuse us. She may be an older woman, but she is Betty White, and this is what she is known for and her fans would have it no other way. While she may have played innocent Rose on the Golden Girls, in real life, it’s obvious she is anything but!

Betty Whit Shows She Still Has It
Betty White has won many awards including seven Emmy's. (Photo by Nick Ut/ AP Images)

Betty White has been on television since 1949. She has won many awards, including seven Emmys and a Grammy. Betty was the only one of the four Golden Girls to be nominated for an award as best female actress after every season. White started as an assistant at a television company, according to Bio. She then worked her way up to becoming a co-host. After her first shot on television, Betty produced her own television show, called Life With Elizabeth. Betty became one of the first female producers of television. She then began appearing on numerous game shows and she made guest appearances on shows such as Petticoat Junction. She then appeared on the Mary Tyler Moore Show, where White played Sue Ann, and was able to show audiences she was not just a pretty face, she was funny, too. Through the Mary Tyler Moore Show, Betty won two of her seven Emmys. Betty’s next big hit was the Golden Girls, and she won more awards for her role as Rose. She was also the oldest host of Saturday Night Live. Betty has been a trailblazer throughout her career.

Betty White Show She Still Has It
Betty White has been in television since 1949. (Photo by AP Images)

Betty White has been — and continues to be — a huge influence on television of today. She still guest stars in television shows, even at the age of 94. White has appeared on shows such as Boston Legal, and has also recently starred in movies, including The Proposal. Betty is nowhere near done with her career, and may never stop working. As long as she continues to work, new players to the game should pay attention and take notes, because White is the best. Betty’s proven she has the ability to keep up with the changing times in the entertainment industry, and she always has fun with her work. While White could decide to retire at any time, her spunky attitude and bright smile seem to say otherwise for this legacy in television.

[Photo by Nick Ut/ AP Images]