WARNING: All men should get their drool towels now!

Never mind that Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Ignore that Victoria Secret’s catalogue you have hidden in the garage. Walk away from that most excellent beer fridge you and your buddies like to hang around at on the weekends. They will all pale in comparison to what I am about to present to you so prepare your drool towels gentlemen for I bring you ……

The Man Wall


Okay … take a deep breath … here take this paper bag … breathe …. breathe …..

Feeling better?

Good. Now just to let you know what the good people from Hybrid Space furniture have brought together in order to provide you with this nirvana here’s a list of the Man’s Wall features.

  • 52″ Vizio Flat Panel LCD HDTV
  • 2 – 26″ Vizio Flat Panel LCD HDTVs
  • 1200 watt Panasonic 5.1 Home Theater System
  • DVD player with 5-CD changer
  • 2 – Wireless surround sound speakers
  • Live 7-foot sports ticker with built-in computer
  • 1 year free service for sport’s ticker

But wait that’s not all.

How about a 1000 watt microwave oven and a 32-bottle wine rack (what no wine chiller?? tsk tsk)


Add to that a full-size built-in beer refrigerated beer keg with tap


Then there is the iPod docking station for those times when only music will suffice.


Oh and for those times you and your buddies just want to chill with a fine cigar to go with the wine you have your own cigar humidors complete with temperature gauges.


Now for the bad news my friends so prepare your drool towel to become a crying towel for this thing of male testosterone beauty will cost you $14,900. However if that is something you are willing to forego a child’s education for you can find out more here at the Man Wall site. Enjoy.

hat tip to My Modern Metropolis