‘Fallout 4’: Location Highlights For Possible ‘New Vegas’ Game And DLC Content [Rumors]

Bethesda’s Fallout 4 game team recently announced news of the DLC (Downloadable Content) which is on the horizon, per posts via their social media outlets. So far, there are plans of overhauling the survival mode to include more of a realistic approach to the self-explanatory format. There was a mention of food, disease, and sleep being a part of the equation, and there’s probably no doubt that these could impact the lone wanderer’s performance in-game.

Now, New Vegas location rumors tying into the next slew of Fallout 4 projects are being speculated via certain online outlets like What Culture. There are 10 suggested location possibilities ascertained. With attention to detail and accuracy given to landmarks, specific locations, and other likenesses to the Boston wasteland, it wouldn’t be surprising that there are other locations that have areas of significance which could inspire an expansion to the DLC game line-up.

Down In Mexico

It would be interesting to add to the Fallout 4 game soundtrack line-up “Down In Mexico” by the Coasters, as was made popular back in 1956. A song reminiscent of Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof movie short from The Grindhouse. So, why not add it as a possible location in future Bethesda (or Obsidian) developments?

Mexico is not necessarily all desert, and What Culture points out specifically the Texas-bordering state of Chihuahua, which is more known for its variant climate. It also has forests that are more lush than any other state in Mexico, and also known for mountainous terrain, vast river valleys, and nice mix of flora and fauna, according to Wikipedia. It would make sense, as this would be quite a diverse and interesting environment for open-world gaming for the lone wanderer.

Rocky Mountain High, Colorado!

Fallout 4 could also have Denver as another New Vegas-esque venue possibility, with a high altitude environment and the focus on the capitol city. Fallout 3’s cancelled Van Buren title was going to be such a venue that would have been part of the ensemble, but was stopped due to financial problems.

Crystal Blue Persuasion In New Mexico?

Common are the drugs in Fallout 4, and a location known to Breaking Bad’s Albuquerque comes another likened area with its own wasteland properties, with similarities to the New Vegas game, but a bit more subdued. There were rumors about the current Cabot House quests, where references are made to the Mojave desert and an alien presence, according to Reddit. So, perhaps this venue can be made possible in the future? After all, there is Roswell to consider, according to What Culture. Of course, there are a lot of folks that have “broke bad” in the post-apocalyptic environment. How many Heisenberg look-a-likes will this produce, should this ever come to fruition in another Fallout: New Vegas rendition?

Everything Is Bigger In Texas!

How much bigger can rad roaches get, considering that “everything is bigger in Texas”? The arid regions of the southwestern United States are synonymous to the Fallout: New Vegas environment. There was the uncanon-like rendition of the Xbox and PlayStation 2’s Brotherhood of Steel game that took place in Texas, according to Viral Players. Would it be best to perhaps make it all Texas canon in the future? There seems to be a canon tying into the cancelled Van Buren project. So, perhaps this huge state could be included in the vastness of the Fallout wasteland?

Revisiting Fallout 2‘s San Francisco And Portland

Fallout 2’s legendary town, Arroyo, which is Spanish for “creek,” but more specifically a dried up, waterless creek. Considering the water crisis in California is problematic in the current environment, it would be interesting to know how well Bethesda’s Garden of Eden Creation Kit revitalized this area. Then, there are portions of San Francisco which harbored survivors of the resource wars involving the Chinese.

According to Viral Players, it was mentioned that for those who aren’t too familiar with the world entailing the first Fallout and Fallout 2 that this could be a great means of reintroducing them to this environment. This could also satiate the nostalgia factor for veteran wasteland game players.

Then there’s Fallout 2’s largest city in Oregon to consider. Could Portland possibly tie in to the revitalized town of Arroyo?

Maple Syrup A Canadian Ingredient for Sugar Bombs?

It wouldn’t be surprising to include the bordering city of Toronto, considering there are already Canadian-descended members of the current Fallout 4 community, according to Inquisitr. It would be a funny historical note to think that the sugar ingredient in Sugar Bombs was derived from Canadian’s “radioactive” syrups.

The Bethesda game location possibilities list goes on, entailing Montana’s tie-ins to the Brotherhood of Steel references in Fallout 3 and as well as The Big Sky Country’s coal mines mentioned in the New Vegas game. Hawaii looks to have no tie-ins, but only to be speculated as a location. Also, why not include Los Angeles’ Boneyard settlement, which exists in the first two Fallouts and New Vegas?

One may wonder if Obsidian Entertainment would have any involvement in this game when it comes to these ideas as programmer Eric Fenstermaker said, “I’m always up for working on a Fallout,” according to Game Zone.

[Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Bethesda]