‘Pretty Little Liars’ Spoilers: The Web Of Secrets Begins To Unravel

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Pretty Little Liars.

For a while, it seemed the dangers of life in Rosewood had become a thing of the past, and even as Pretty Little Liars picked up with the second part of season 6, there weren’t really too many events one might consider out of the ordinary. That all changed with the release and subsequent death of Charlotte DiLaurentis (Vanessa Ray), which all prompted the emerging of a new villain. It hasn’t taken this new “A” long at all to begin tormenting the girls, who have already been compelled, through police investigations, to remain in their Pennsylvania hometown for awhile longer. Now that Aria (Lucy Hale), Emily (Shay Mitchell), Hanna (Ashley Benson) and Spencer (Troian Bellisario) are basically trapped in Rosewood and becoming deeply entrenched in the investigation into Charlotte’s murder, their new tormentor has them all just where he or she wants them.

Pretty Little Liars To Explore The Hidden Room “Where Somebody Waits For Me”

It all started with the search for a missing golf club, which, in turn, led the liars to Sara Harvey (Dre Davis) and an even stronger suspicion that she has been behind everything that has happened, since they returned to town. In last week’s Pretty Little Liars episode, Aria and Spencer broke into Sara’s room, after learning that it was the same room occupied by Charlotte, back when The Radley Hotel was still a sanitarium. While they didn’t find a murder weapon, the girls did stumble upon a hidden passageway that presumably leads to the basement.

In this week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, “Where Somebody Waits For Me,” attention is drawn from Sara Harvey and cast on Alison DiLaurentis, played by Sasha Pieterse, as she informs Emily that the murder weapon wasn’t a golf club, after all.

“Are we getting punk’d?” Emily asks Spencer, upon realizing Alison seems to know more than she has been letting on.

Adding to their troubles and proving that Pretty Little Liars just wouldn’t be the same without a meddlesome investigator, Detective Tanner (Roma Maffia) returns with plenty of questions for the girls. She also points out that there have been no murders in the five years that they have all been away.

Is There Still Hope For Caleb And Hanna?

While Hanna has been trying to balance her relationship with Jordan with the dangers presented by a new cyber bully intent on forcing the girls to solve Charlotte’s murder, Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) and Spencer have been growing closer as a couple. Hanna says she’s fine with this new developing romance, but the look in her eyes tell an entirely different story. Still, she sets aside those feelings to work with both of them, as this new villain begins to step up the game.

In a moment shared between Hanna and Caleb, Ashley Benson’s Pretty Little Liars alter ego expresses the fear that the ordeal of being manipulated by “A” is happening all over again. She even goes as far as to say that she feels like she’s back in high school.

“It’s not the same person, but they want the same thing,” Caleb tells her. “They want to make you miserable. But this time, you are smarter and you’re stronger, and you know that you can beat this because you’ve done it before.”

The two ex-lovers continue to talk about anything and everything, as though each of them is trying desperately to hang onto the moment for as long as they can, but eventually it’s time to pay the tab and go their separate ways. Caleb reaches for his wallet and Hanna reaches for his hand in a simple gesture to prevent him from paying, but the moment of physical contact is anything but simple. The chemistry brought to the surface from such an innocent contact is undeniable. Is there hope yet that Hanna and Caleb will reunite? How will this affect Spencer and her relationship with Hanna?

Pretty Little Liars, “Where Somebody Waits for Me,” will air on Tuesday, February 16 on Freeform.

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