Zayn Malik Gets Harvard Review For ‘Pillowtalk,’ ‘Smothered’ By Gigi Hadid

Zayn Malik’s essence being used as inspiration for a new lipstick may seem like the most interesting gendered news in his life around Valentine’s Day — but Harvard does Tom Ford one better by dissecting the messages Zayn Malik sends to fans about gender through his successful “Pillowtalk” video.

Of course, Zayn Malik has been sweeping the music charts for his first solo, “Pillowtalk,” and MTV says he was at the number one position for America’s Hot 100 on the Billboard charts.

Alternatively, Zayn Malik is currently slipping in the U.K. charts, according to Digital Spy, and is being replaced by Lukas Graham’s “7 Years.”

Regardless, some of Zayn Malik’s recent reviews have been downright odd. A good example is an MTV report that states Zayn Malik’s last name has been used to describe a new shade of Tom Ford’s lipstick. About the shade, the reviewer states the following.

“And like Ford’s ‘Drake,’ ‘Malik’ has fallen under the ‘violets to orchids’ category, boasting a purple hue with a gentle shimmer that embodies both his cultural impact (visible) as well as his penchant for the feminine…”

Another example of a strange gendered thing in Zayn Malik’s life could be found in the Harvard student magazine, the Crimson. When discussing the various themes of Zayn Malik’s first solo video, the reviewer stated the following.

“But its music video betrays its true interest: Advancing the artistic agenda to destroy every binary, ever, from gender to relationship status. Welcome to the future.”

Did Zayn Malik intend to speak to a gender studies audience with his newest video? While Zayn Malik has not discussed the philosophies behind the video, he was caught chatting it up with Liam Payne in Los Angeles.

UnReality TV reports on February 13 that eyewitnesses allege that Liam Payne and Zayn Malik were hanging out together in Los Angeles when a One Direction fan recognized them.

Zayn Malik may have ended romance with Gigi Hadid
Sadly, Zayn Malik may be feeling lonely since his alleged girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, is in New York City for Fashion Week, according to the Daily Mail.

Unfortunately, insiders close to Zayn Malik are now saying he is asking Gigi Hadid to give him some space, according to a February 11 report from the Ireland Independent.

Allegedly, the insider scoop on Zayn Malik and Gigi’s relationship is that “She came on strong, but he’s not sure he can deal with that kind of commitment right now … He’s feeling a bit smothered. He was having fun at first, but now he’s a lot busier.”

This can come as a surprise since Zayn Malik allegedly did not correct an interviewer that referred to Gigi Hadid as his “girlfriend.” Additionally, Zayn Malik has been showing her a lot of support. For instance, when Gigi Hadid posed nude for a French magazine cover, Zayn Malik gave her props on social media, according to the Daily Mail.

Alternatively, this relationship cool-off could have been in the works for a while, since UnReality TV reported on February 10 that Gigi Hadid’s mother allegedly does not like Zayn Malik and his mom is not a fan of Gigi.

However, Perez Hilton points out that perhaps Zayn Malik should be the one watching out for Gigi Hadid, because she is a “serial dater.”

Nevertheless, Zayn Malik could be spending a lot of time getting to know Gigi Hadid because they are best friends — and she is a great friend. For instance, Sports Illustrated points out that Gigi Hadid (age 20) reached out to defend Taylor Swift (age 26) in her battle with Kanye West (age 38).

Gigi Hadid was not a favorite of Zayn Malik's mom's, allegedly
Moreover, Gigi Hadid may have Zayn Malik to thank for her new fashion line with Tommy Hilfiger. According to Gulf Daily News, Tommy Hilfiger thanks Zayn Malik for having Gigi Hadid in his “Pillowtalk” video because it increased her social media followers — to Hilfiger’s advantage. About Gigi Hadid, Tommy Hilfiger stated the following.

“We wanted her fans and her age group to embrace Tommy Hilfiger, so I asked Gigi exactly what she wanted to do, the colors, the fabrics, the buttons, all the details.”

Shifting in another direction, Zayn Malik may find that he is too busy to chum it up with Gigi Hadid because he might be going to the Philippines.

One piece of unfinished business in Zayn Malik’s life is the show in the Philippines that he did not play on March 21, 2015.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, One Direction may be playing a show in the Philippines — but it has not been confirmed if Zayn Malik or One Direction will be playing live at a show that may take place in March.

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