Harry Styles To Open Curry House, Moves To Beat Zayn Malik’s Ratings

Harry Styles has been living it up in Los Angeles over the month of February, and fans have been looking forward to seeing if he will start a career in music, acting, or do something totally different such as helping Niall Horan with his golfing agency.

As it appears, Harry Styles’ life in Los Angeles has involved Kardashian/Jenner family drama and avoiding Louis Tomlinson’s baby (allegedly). Instead of announcing an acting career as part of his One Direction hiatus curriculum, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, rumors are swirling that Harry Styles and Zayn Malik will be getting competitive in the near future.

2016 will be the year Zayn Malik and Harry Styles compete against each other

Also, Niall Horan is not the only One Directioner that is interested in doing something non-music related, and it is rumored that Harry Styles is embarking on a restaurant career as part of his Hollywood vision.

Regardless, Los Angeles is not without its strange moments for Harry Styles. For instance, outside of getting ongoing attention for Zayn Malik beating a lot of their records with his release of “Pillowtalk,” Harry Styles and One Direction also won notoriety for getting a beat down from the The 1975, according to Complete Music Update.

Even more awkward, M Magazine points out that Harry Styles and Matt Healy of The 1975 used to be friends. Adding to the insults, The 1975 covered a Justin Bieber song for BBC1 Radio after dissing Harry Styles and One Direction as having “no artistic credibility,” according to Sugarscape.

As far as Matt Healy being a good source of opinion, he was quoted by the Independent on February 11, saying that, in addition to dissing Harry Styles and/or One Direction, he also does not “want to be Sting.”

Surely, like Harry Styles and One Direction, Sting has the last laugh on Matt Healy comments because Sting was asked to perform at the 2016 NBA All-Stars game half-time show in Toronto the day before the Grammys, according to the Bleacher Report.

While in Los Angeles, Harry Styles will definitely be focusing on beating out Zayn Malik in his solo career, and he is enlisting One Direction songwriter, Jamie Scott, to help him out.

Recently, the Daily Mail reported that Harry Styles dropped his One Direction management team to find a new direction.

Now, according to a February 14, report from the Mirror, insiders close to Harry Styles have stated the following.

“Zayn beat Harry out of the traps by getting his solo material out first but Harry is confident playing the long game will pay off.”

According to an UnReality TV report from February 10, Harry Styles also has a new mentor that may help him embark on a strong solo career — Elton John. In a recent interview, Elton John stated “I’ve talked to a few of the One Direction boys. I’ve seen Harry a few times who is great and I’m always on hand to offer him advice.”

Harry Styles will be working on a solo career and opening a curry restaurant

To make his transition to Los Angeles the best it can be, Harry Styles is rumored to be opening a curry house. In the U.K., Harry Styles was a regular at the Paradise Restaurant in Hampstead.

Although there are many Indian restaurants in Los Angeles, the Sun stated on February 14, that Harry Styles missed the menu at the specific curry restaurant he went to in Hampstead so much that he is talking with the current owner about investing and opening a second location in Los Angeles.

According to insiders, those people helping Harry Styles to convince the Paradise restaurant owner to open a second location in Los Angeles are English celebrities (that are in Orange County regularly) such as Rowan Atkinson, Kate Moss and Natalie Appleton.

[Picture by Ian Gavan/Getty Images]