Michael Jackson’s Former Doctor: Medical Board Thinks I’m Nuts

Dr. Arnold Klein isn’t as well-known as Dr. Conrad Murray (for good reason) but he was one of the numerous doctors who prescribed pop superstar Michael Jackson with numerous prescription drugs. Now Dr. Klein says the Medical Board of California thinks he’s literally crazy and has ordered him to undergo psychological testing. The board has not told Klein at this time why they have made the request.

I documents filed with the court Klein’s lawyers suggest the testing was ordered by “some scurrilous, disreputable source, trying to cause Dr. Klein trouble.”

Dr. Klein will be forced to undergo a physical example which according to the board includes “biological testing to determine the presence of scheduled and/or illicit drugs.”

The medical board is also choosing to pick out the psychologist on their own, ensuring a proper diagnosis.

If Dr. Klein refuses to undergo the medical testing the Medical Board of California has threatened to pull his medical license, possibly ending his career.

Dr. Arnold Klein in the meantime has taken the matter to court, demanding that the medical board explain why testing has been deemed necessary.

If I had to guess I would suspect that the board wants to know why a doctor would prescribe numerous unneeded drugs to a patient, then again maybe they just have a vendetta against all of Michael Jackson’s former doctors.

Do you find it strange that a former Michael Jackson doctor is being brought up for testing with no explanation behind the medical boards motives?