Chris Rock In New Oscars 2016 Promo Ads: Rock Mentions ‘Scandal’ Producer In Clip [Video]

More promo ads for the 2016 Oscars have just been released featuring Chris Rock, who is this year’s host. With all of the controversy surrounding the Academy Awards due to lack of diversity in nominees for major categories, Rock is tame in the clips. He does joke that veteran TV producer, Shonda Rhimes, doesn’t “own” all of the shows that are aired on the ABC network.

Us Weekly reports that Rock’s second promo ad for the Oscars names Rhimes — the creator and producer of Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, and How To Get Away With Murder — in the 11-second promo ad for the upcoming Academy Awards.

“Watch the Oscars,” says Chris Rock in the clip. “The only show on ABC that Shonda Rhimes doesn’t own — yet.”

Rock is seen in another promo clip holding a wine glass full of popcorn in one hand and a large bowl of red wine in the other.

“Hey Gladiators,” he says, referencing Scandal fans. “Get your popcorn and wine ready. I’m hosting the Oscars February 28.”

Rock then pensively looks at his popcorn and drink.

“I think I did this wrong,” he says.

Tame and downright mild, but this could only mean the calm before the storm. Those familiar with Chris Rock’s brand of humor know an unfettered line of dialogue is set to be unleashed on a world stage at the end of this month.

Academy Awards producer Reginald Hudlin recently told Entertainment Tonight that Chris has been “hard at work” with his writing staff as they gear up for Oscar night. He told the entertainment news source that Chris and his writers locked themselves in a room to re-write the Oscars’ monologue. According to Star 2, a rep for Rock – Leslie Sloane – fired back at those claims.

“Chris has made no decisions about the content of the show. All will be revealed on February 28th,” Sloane wrote in a statement recently.

Actor Don Cheadle told Us Weekly that Rock will have the opportunity to “skewer the entirety of society” when he hosts the 2016 Oscars.

“I’ve actually been talking to Chris a little bit and I hope he just goes in, because I think this is a perfect opportunity to take everyone to task — and nobody does it better than Chris, you know what I mean?” Cheadle said. “He can skewer the entirety of society with this, and on a world stage. I hope it turns out to be one of the greatest moments we’ve ever seen in television history. I think it could be an amazing moment.”

Rock said in an interview with Essence magazine that anything can happen at the Academy Awards. He stated that “anything can go wrong” and even if you don’t intend for something to blow up in your face, that’s exactly when it all hits the fan.

A writer for Collider, Adam Chitwood, wrote in his piece that he hopes Chris Rock goes the distance in pushing the envelope while acting as Master of Ceremonies this year at the Oscars.

“This year’s crop of Best Picture contenders offers plenty of comedic fodder for Rock to play with, but I do hope we get some sharp, incisive commentary as opposed to a simple series of mostly tame jokes; the most entertaining Oscar ceremonies are the ones in which the host feels like he or she is just this side of pissing everyone in the room off.”

A lot of people are undoubtedly hoping this will be one of the most captivating Oscars of all time. With the #OscarsSoWhite movement at fever pitch, there’s bound to be some sparks flying with Chris Rock hosting the awards show. Who better to put in charge of this when he could have declined the job and boycotted the show himself?

Are you looking forward to watching Chris Rock host the 2016 Oscar Awards?

The 2016 Academy Awards will air on ABC Sunday, February 28, at 7 p.m, ET.

[Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP]