‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Full Spoilers For Season 6, Episode 9 Mid-Season Premiere, ‘No Way Out’

The Walking Dead is back on Valentine’s Day with the highly-anticipated mid-season premiere titled “No Way Out.” Earlier in the week, AMC posted a trailer for the first four minutes of the season 6, episode 9 return to Sunday nights. There has been a lot of speculation about how the group might survive the walker horde that threatened them at the end of the TWD finale before what feels like much too long of a break. Now, on The Walking Dead mid-season premiere eve, a complete recap of the episode due to air tomorrow has been leaked, completely spoiling the mid-season premiere. Keep reading if you want to know everything before AMC airs “Now Way Out on Sunday, February 14 at 9 p.m.

Unreality TV was quick to disclaim that nothing in their recap turned spoilers can really be confirmed until the episode actually airs. Until then, here is the scoop. Be warned, this is the ultimate spoiler for season 6, episode 9. Don’t read any further unless you want to know all the news for the upcoming episode.

When TWD went on break in the middle of season 6, Rick’s group was about to use one of their oldest tricks to survive a mob of walkers. Rick, Carl, Michonne, Judith, Sam, Jessie, and Ron were covered in walker guts and blood. The group planned to walk through the horde using their disguise but that would be too easy since it had been done as long ago as season 1. While wading through a sea of walkers, Sam freaked out and started calling for his mom.

Now everybody knows that walkers are attracted to noise and as the horde of walkers starts turning toward Rick’s crew they all cling to each other and follow right behind Rick. After Sam’s screaming, he ends up getting bit and his mother, Jessie, gets bit on the shoulder too. Here’s where the action really starts and we find out the details of the spoiler about what happened to Carl’s eye.

When Jessie gets bit, Rick instinctively reaches for an ax and cuts off Jessie’s arm to save Carl. That’s when Ron picks up his mom’s gun and shoots at Rick. Not before Carl jumps in the way, though, sending the bullet right through his eye. This is the explanation behind the Fox Russia leak of Carl pictured with a bandage over his eye so we can only assume that he survives. Michonne avenges the shot and without hesitation, sinks her katana into Ron’s chest, thus ending that whole family within seconds. Father Gabriel finally makes himself useful (or does he?) when he offers to take Judith and keep her safe so Rick can get some medical attention for Carl.

Let’s jump back to that first four minutes that everyone has already seen. Sasha, Abraham, and Daryl are in dire need of a miracle, or so we thought. The super trailer makes it look like someone from the good side is going to die after the group is forced to hand over their weapons. We already know Negan is a really bad dude and these are obviously guys who run his errands. Shame on us for losing our faith of Daryl Dixon though because, as usual, the fan favorite who has been highly favored to die by spoiler fanatics, ends up being the one to save the day.

Daryl gets his chance to save his group when the leader of the bikers escorts him around to the back of the truck to check for more weapons. Thank goodness for that spare rocket launcher Daryl had ready to go because he was able to take out the whole biker gang in one big boom. Just like that Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham hop back in the truck and head back toward the others.

Glenn and Enid are able to get back into the safe zone. They were shown at the mid-season finale trying to make their way back and in the most un-incredible part of the TWD return, Glenn, Enid, and Maggie are all safe. There were a lot of rumors that Glenn might die while trying to save Maggie because he’ll never just leave her stranded. It turns out that Glenn prevailed again and did not die in season 6, episode 9. That does not mean that Glenn won’t die soon though because Steven Yeun certainly has been talking up a storm about life after Glenn’s death.

There was a whole lot of talk about who might die in the mid-season premiere, “No Way Out.” It was really starting to sound like there would be some major deaths in Rick’s camp, with some speculating that Daryl and Glenn might make their exit. Imagine our relief to learn that the only deaths in Rick’s group are those of Sam, Jessie, and Ron. That story line wasn’t going to work anyway because no one likes seeing Rick as the wife stealer. That would make him just as bad as Shane, who romanced his wife when they weren’t sure if he was alive or dead.

There is no team better than Michonne and Rick. Big props to them for spending some time killing walkers in the most incredible ways. Wouldn’t it be neat if Rick and Michonne could connect in more ways than just friendship? She surely has more in common with Rick than Jessie ever could. What do you think of the season 6, episode 9 mid-season return of The Walking Dead? Was there just enough action or should TWD have done things differently?

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