One Direction In L.A. For Grammys Or Going To The Philippines?

One Direction’s present and former members have been fending off abusive fans lately and they are all in Los Angeles for the Grammys … except for Niall Horan.

Are One Direction waiting for Niall Horan to join them in Los Angeles, or is there a hint from Sony Records that they will all soon fly to the Philippines?

Nonetheless, it would be interesting to see if Niall Horan will end up leaving the Philippines to meet up with his One Direction brothers — if only for the red carpet at the Grammys.

Naturally, when celebrities like One Direction are in Los Angeles, the paparazzi can be particularly fierce — which may not be Niall Horan’s most favored experience.

One Direction could be in Los Angeles to celebrate the Grammys

As a matter of fact, it is rumored that Louis Tomlinson’s baby’s mother, Briana Jungwirth, is filing a lawsuit against One Direction fans harassing her, according to the Daily Mail.

Now, Peta Pixel reported on February 11, that One Direction’s battle with overzealous fans was rearing its ugly head again.

As it appears, Harry Styles posted a picture of a famous photographer named Ezequiel Scagnetti on Instagram without crediting him. When Scagnetti confronted Harry Styles, One Direction fans unleashed on Scagnetti to defend Harry.

The only member of One Direction that is not in Los Angeles is Niall Horan — and the confrontational nature of the paparazzi along with past brushes with negative American fans might be the reason he is absent.

In August 2015, Niall Horan and other members of One Direction chastised fans for “car chases” and chasing them down in public, according to Billboard.

However, is it just a coincidence that One Direction is in Los Angeles … just in time for the 2016 Grammys ceremony? Hollywood Reporter notes that the Grammys will take place on February 15, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Will One Direction fans see them on the red carpet at the Grammys… with Zayn Malik? Bustle puts forth the idea that there are some speculations about Zayn Malik being at the Grammys — and says it would be a good promotion for his upcoming album.

Sadly, One Direction was not nominated for a 2016 Grammy Award, but it does not mean they will be avoiding the parties. In fact, On Location Vacations has a list of known Grammy parties … and ones like the kind hosted by Sony Records would be likely spots to see One Direction members partying.

On the other hand, it looks like One Direction is using Los Angeles as their hiatus crash pad. All of the current and former members of One Direction are there, and the one exception is Niall Horan.

Nevertheless, since the first of the year, the headlines show that there has been a lot of pull for One Direction to be in Los Angeles, and it is not simply due to the fact that the Kardashians/Jenners appear to be anxious for them to join the family.

 Niall Horan in the Philippines may show a secret message about the future of One Direction

As for Niall Horan, starting around February 11, reports from the Philippines claimed Niall was alone and was now in Boracay, according to Yibada.

At first it seemed as is Niall Horan was vacationing and taking time off from his One Direction career, but reports from Sugarscape on February 12, conflict with that idea. Instead, it appears that Niall Horan may be tending to important One Direction business in the Philippines, and One Direction might join him later.

Although all of the details have not been officially confirmed, Sony Records in the Philippines started tweeting #LiveForever and advertisements of One Direction that contained the words “Be a part of history again. March 3, 2016.”

Fans may remember that, about five days before Zayn Malik officially quit One Direction, he refused to play their concert in Manila, Philippines on March 21, 2015, according the National.

[Picture by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]