Former President George W. Bush Rushes To Jeb’s Rescue

It is no secret that 2016 presidential hopeful Jeb Bush comes from a long line of successful Republican candidates. Jeb’s own campaign, however, rests on shaky ground, prompting his brother, former president George W. Bush, to join his cause and hit the campaign trail.

The Iowa caucus revealed Jeb Bush received only 2.8 percent of the vote, or one delegate. Bush fared much better in the New Hampshire primaries at 11 percent, but that still left him lagging in fourth place behind Donald Trump, John Kasich, and Ted Cruz.

The Christian Science Monitor reports the first Bush family member that Jeb brought into the fray was his mother, 90-year-old Barbara Bush. The former first lady is taking to the phones to encourage voters to side with her son.

Historian Doug Wead notes that voters may not realize the impact the Bush family members may have on their decisions.

“The voter is not actually a very good expert on why they have voted the way they have, that is, they may have been influenced whether they know it or not. And so family members may indeed have influence.”

He goes on to say that the addition of Mrs. Bush was a wise choice, given her positive reputation.

“Barbara Bush is the most popular Bush and a reminder of what is good about the family. So, of course, [Jeb Bush] will wrap himself with his mom.”

Though Bush was not expected to retain the help of his famous older brother, George, he has pulled out all the stops and brought a true professional on board.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, former President George W. Bush has lived his life outside the pressures of the political world since the end of his presidential term. The rise of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, two candidates who are not career politicians, is a confusing idea to George W. Bush. So, he is wading into the fray to do battle alongside his brother.

On President’s Day, George W. will be joining the younger Bush in North Charleston for an evening rally, just in time to attempt to sway voters before the South Carolina primary, which takes place on February 20.

One burning question remains. Will the considerable support of George W. Bush be enough to pull Jeb up in the rankings?

And, considering the fact that the polls have widely shown Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump to be leading above career politicians, will the addition of George W. Bush boost Jeb’s rankings, or send them further down the drain?

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, true to form, has nothing but ridicule for the tactics of Jeb Bush, reports the Hill.

“Don’t fall asleep when I mention the name. I see [Jeb Bush] is bringing his brother in now. He tried the mother, who’s a very nice lady, I’m sure, but he tried the mother. That didn’t work out so good. Now he’s bringing in his brother.”

It appears the GOP debate that took place on Saturday centered widely on the presidency of George W. Bush, and whether or not he was to blame for the fall of the World Trade Center. If just the mention of bringing George W. on board the current Bush campaign can cause such a ruckus, the future will be interesting.

[AP Photo/Paul Sancya]