Madonna Concerned For Son, Rocco — Desperate To Get Him Back

The battle over their son, Rocco, is an ongoing and heated one between Madonna and ex-husband Guy Ritchie. The Material Girl has additionally become quite concerned for her 15-year-old son after video of the teen smoking an unknown substance for the second time was made public. The Sun published the story earlier this week, which has led Madonna to question the parenting skills of Ritchie, whom Rocco has opted to live with while his international-superstar mom is on tour.

Rocco was given the option to join Madge on the tour, however, the teen was adamant to stay with his director father at his London home. Over the past two months, Rocco has been caught in the act twice smoking an unknown substance. Wonderwall reminds of the details regarding the most recent incident that was made public and has brought concern to the teen’s parents.

“The video, which was published by The Sun, feature the American pop star and the British director’s son smoking an unknown substance in a London skate park with some older friends. Guy currently has temporary custody of Rocco, who is living in London with his father after reportedly refusing to continue to go on tour with his world-famous mother. According to the newspaper, the ‘Music’ songstress is worried about her ex’s parenting skills in light of these new pics. The 57-year-old icon is said to be ‘shocked and devastated’ by the recent images.”

According to a source, Madonna is becoming increasingly worried about Guy Ritchie’s parenting and lack of rules or guidance for their son while he is in the director’s care. The publication relays words of the said source on the topic.

“[Madonna] has grown increasingly concerned that Rocco’s father is doing nothing to give him rules or guidance.”

A court date over Rocco’s custody was originally set for February 3, at which a judge would rule in favor of either Madonna or Guy, however, the date in court was postponed until early March. A reason for the delay has not been made known, however, TMZ notes that it’s likely due to the former couple attempting to make negotiations.

As the Daily Mail shares, an additional source close to the Queen of Pop stated “It is certainly not what Madonna wants for her son,” in regards to his lack of guidance and rebellious behavior.