‘Batman V Superman’ Cast: Did A French Magazine Leak Official Movie Roles, Cast Info?

Did a French magazine leak Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice cast and cameo details?

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

According to Cosmic Book News, that is exactly what has happened! Whether or not the leaked information is official or not is still unknown. However, the evidence presented in the report is pretty convincing.

Cosmic Book News based their report on a social media post from Twitter user @KnightsofRey.

The targeted tweet included a scanned image of a page from a French magazine.

The page provides names of actors and actresses along with their photos and respective Batman v Superman character names. The text printed in paragraph form under each name is a little blurry in the scanned copy. They appear to be short character descriptions along with brief bios of the actors and actresses listed.

For example, under Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s name and character name (Thomas Wayne), there is a sentence or two about Bruce Wayne’s parents followed by a reference to Jeffrey’s performance as Denny Duquette in the hit television series Grey’s Anatomy.

The actual content within those bios and descriptions may be blurry and not 100 percent clear. However, the names of the actors and actresses along with their alleged Batman v Superman cast character names are very clear and printed in dark, bold font.

Quite a few of the names and Batman v Superman characters listed on the scanned page have already been confirmed. For instance, actors Ezra Miller and Ray Fisher have already been confirmed to star as Barry Allen (The Flash) and Victor Stone (Cyborg) respectively in cameo roles at some point during Batman v Superman.

Screen Rant confirmed back in July that The Wolverine actress Tao Okamoto would star as Mercy Graves, Lex Luthor’s personal assistant and bodyguard.

It is also reassuring to see actors Michael Shannon and Harry Lennix reprising their roles from the 2013 film Man of Steel as General Zod and General Swanwick.

However, that is where a journey into the world of the unknown and unconfirmed begins.

According to the scanned page, the following Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice cast roles are also apparently spoken for by specific actors and actresses:

  • Barbara Gordon/Batgirl (played by Jena Malone)
  • Thomas Wayne (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan)
  • Jimmy Olsen (played by Scott McNairy)

Rumors about Jeffrey Dean Morgan playing Thomas Wayne, Bruce Wayne’s deceased father, have been circulating for months. The actor essentially dodged the topic when he was asked about it on Jimmy Kimmel Live last year.

Hunger Games: Mockingjay actress Jena Malone made headlines when news of her involvement within the Batman v Superman cast was first confirmed. Numerous fans and critics assumed that she would either play the female Robin (Carrie Kelley) or Barbara Gordon.

Our Brand is Crisis actor Scott McNairy has been another mysterious addition to the Batman v Superman cast since late last year.

The mere possibility that these people could very well be playing Thomas Wayne, Barbara Gordon, and Jimmy Olsen in Batman v Superman is arguably good enough for any DC Comics fan to get even more excited about the film’s release.

The recent news that actor Dan Amboyer might be playing a drone pilot in Batman v Superman, according to Cosmic Book News, has the rumor mill circulating speculation that he might actually be playing Green Lantern.

However, as mentioned above, none of these new casting details and cameos have been confirmed yet.

With the recent release of the final Batman v Superman trailer, chances are that neither Zach Snyder nor Warner Bros. will release any more official information or casting details about the film. Eager and anxious fans will simply have to wait for March to roll around and see for themselves when the movie premieres in theaters.

[Image Credit: Larry Busacca, Jason Merritt & Mike Coppola/Getty Images]