Tracking Gustav: The Citizen Videos

Citizen journalists are jumping on the chance to share their Hurricane Gustav experiences with the world. Videos from inside the storm are slowly popping up on sites like YouTube as well as on CNN's iReport and other news network submission services.

The reports are increasingly intense, such as this one capturing flooding in Waveland, Mississippi:

Other videos show the power of the hurricane's approach and the deteriorating conditions of the morning hours. Many also tell stories of hope from within the many shelters throughout the region, such as this girl's short submission:

Similar clips seem to serve as diaries of sorts, even messages to family members:

There are numerous online services set up to help locate loved ones displaced by the storm. Visit our Gustav resource center for that information as well as cameras, maps, and other ways to interact online. We've also set up a list of places where you can watch the storm live and have compiled some information about Gustav-related scams making their way around the Internet.