February 13, 2016
Terry Crews: 'Fitness Is Something You Already Have,' Compares It To Hidden Jackpot

Actor Terry Crews opened up about fitness recently in an online video by claiming that it is not something that can be attained.

Contrary to popular opinion, the 47-year-old actor strongly believes that fitness is not something that a person needs to search for and find. According to a video posted on his official Facebook page Friday, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor believes that fitness is something you already have -- whether you realize it or not.

"Being in shape is not about your body; it's about your thinking. It is a mindset… Fitness is not something that you have to get to. Fitness is not something that you have to attain. Fitness is something that you already have…. You already have fitness."
The former NFL player compared fitness to a $1 million jackpot that is hidden somewhere inside of your house, waiting to be discovered but not very easy to find unless you are determined to do so. Terry states that if you believe the $1 million jackpot is miles and miles away from you, chances are that you are not going to put forth any real effort to find it. That is why it is imperative to remember that it's not miles and miles away, but rather it is hidden somewhere in your house.

Terry Crews
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A person's overall approach to finding that type of money would drastically change if they knew that it was hidden somewhere within their home right now. According to Terry, that is the same mental attitude and drive that people should have about fitness.

"This is what fitness is like... You have to be in shape in your mind before your body. When you go to get in shape, you may be overweight…unhealthy… but you have to know that everything you need is already inside you. When you have that thought – 'Wow I am in shape' – all of a sudden, going to the gym is like looking for your million dollars in your own house. I'm telling you, it changes your perception, your mindset and you don't feel like it's somewhere you'll never get to. You know it's inside you and that keeps you motivated… It will change your whole perception, because it's true."
Terry Crews further claimed that he has actually seen people that weighed 300 and 400 pounds in the past work hard and get in the best shape of their lives simply "because it was always there." However, talking about it and making plans to achieve it is not enough -- you have to act on it.
"By action, you are actually receiving your fitness."
At first glance, it may seem as if Terry Crews is one of those type of people that encourage everyone to work out inside of a gym rigorously, risking injury just to reach an unrealistic number of repetitions within the average workout session. However, as seen in his now-viral Facebook video, he actually encourages people to take a different approach by just starting "a little bit every day."

Terry Crews
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Terry makes it very clear in the video that he only does what he loves and loves to work out every day, "looking for [his] fitness, looking for [his] money, looking for that million dollars that's inside [his] house."

If you have seen any of Terry Crews' work -- movies, TV shows, Old Spice commercials, etc. -- chances are that you are familiar with his physique. Perhaps that type of credibility will drive a vast number of people towards appreciating Terry's credibility and expertise on this topic, which will help them to work towards achieving their own fitness goals in the future.

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