Archie Manning Accused Of Racially Charged Remarks In Connection With Sex Assault Allegations

Archie Manning, father to Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks Peyton and Eli Manning and a former NFL QB himself, has been an integral part of his sons’ careers since they first stepped onto the gridiron.

Unfortunately for him, that involvement can sometimes carry over into the more personal aspects of their lives as evidenced in a recent article for tabloid newspaper, the New York Daily News.

In an article entitled “Peyton Manning’s Squeaky Clean Image Was Built On Lies,” writer Shaun King reexamines the sexual assault allegations leveled at the eldest son of Archie Manning in 1996 by former Tennessee Volunteers trainer Jamie Ann Naughright.

King’s article is nothing new as the Inquisitr tackled the subject a couple of years ago, and Pro Football Talk recently did a more coherent job of making sense out of King’s summary of the 74-page plaintiff complaint from shortly after the time of the incident.

It was in the PFT analysis, in fact, that a potentially incriminating alleged remark came from Archie Manning.

First, the setup.

Naughright accused Peyton Manning of placing his “naked butt and rectum” on her face while she was examining him 20 years ago, and then mocking her over the incident on two separate occasions.

As more came out on the incident, it emerged that Naughright and the younger Manning had no love lost for one another with Peyton saying that she had “a vulgar mouth” in a book that he and Archie Manning were involved in previously.

With that said, Archie Manning also allegedly made comments to the book’s ghost writer — and this is where it could get sticky for the family patriarch — that Naughright “had been out with a lot of black guys,” as if that was some negative statement on her character.

Naughright has maintained her silence for quite some time since the suit was settled but that has not stopped the press from bringing this story back to the forefront every few years.

King’s shot at it is likely to get more eyeballs than most as it comes out on the heels of Peyton’s second Super Bowl victory — his 200th win overall — and likely his swan song from the NFL.

Before jumping into King’s accusations on both Peyton and Archie Manning, it is important to note that much of it comes from a 74-page complaint from the plaintiff.

That means, as PFT points out, it is a one-sided document intended to be a one-sided document. There is no space for rebuttal provided, and the Manning family has likely said all about the incident that they would care to.

With Peyton likely stepping away from the spotlight for good, don’t expect that to change any time soon.

PFT has already attempted to get Peyton’s agent, Tom Condon, to weigh in, and that hasn’t happened at the time of this post.

Fans are pretty divided along partisan lines at this point with long-time Manning and Denver Broncos fans accusing King et al. of a “hack job.”


Meanwhile, other football fans run the gamut from open-minded, to ready for attack.

One commenter on the PFT website mused that this was “much worse than Deflategate” and that it’s absurd people hate on Tom Brady while giving a guy like Peyton a pass.

But the truth of the allegations aside, the remark that Archie Manning said, if true, tends to carry a bit more weight since it allegedly comes from the ghost writer of the Manning book.

In that case, the racially charged implication that there was something wrong with Naughright’s character for going out with “a lot of black guys” could be a bigger bruise on the family’s legacy than the initial accusation.

But what do you think, readers?

If Archie Manning did, in fact, make that remark, do you think it’s racist? Sound off in the comments section below.

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