Maroon 5’s Adam Levine Wants to ‘Punch people in the face’

Apparently lead front man Adam Levine hasn’t learned that violence hasn’t solved anything, if his comments about what he likes to do to people who have narrow-minded opinions in music is any evidence.

The Maroon 5 front man who has successfully surfed both waves of rock and pop music tells The Sun that particular “scenes” no longer exist, and that music has become more of a melting pot than ever before.

Levine went on to say,”I’m of the belief that because our culture has changed so much, people don’t find that exclusivity very important any more, which I love because I hate it. People who tell me they only like one kind of music; I want to punch them in the face. It pisses me off so I’m glad those walls have been broken down.”

In terms of bands that gave the rock genre a facelift such as The Rolling Stones and The Beatles, Levine insists that no one will come along of that caliber ever again. “I don’t really think that can exist any more. There was a sort of purity to it that existed back then which I think is for ever lost. There’s no way to get that back. People get very nostalgic but that will never happen again.”

Adam insists that the last great genre specific band was Nirvana, and in the past he secretly wished that the bubble gum pop bands, a genre that his band now exists in, would be destroyed by the next Nirvana-type band. “Kurt Cobain was the last person who did it. And then in the 1990s were all the boybands. I was kind of hoping that somebody would come along and demolish the boyband — Nirvana came along and demolished the bad pop metal.”

Adam Levine does make an interesting point. Since Clear Channel has taken over most of what’s played on the air, fewer stations are playing one format of music, and instead Top 40 has been spread out for years now. Do you think genre specific stations hurt the music industry?