Some Xbox One Fans Are Angry About ‘Quantum Break’ On PC, What’s Upsetting Them?

Earlier this week, when it was announced that Quantum Break was also launching on Windows 10, many Xbox One-only gamers voiced their concerns, or outrage, depending on how you look at it, at the move. Microsoft is bringing the former Xbox One exclusive to Windows 10 PCs in an effort to give players the chance to play their games, regardless of whether they’re on PC or Xbox. Yet, many gamers are upset about this prospect, taking to Twitter and YouTube to voice their concern.

However, the question as to why these gamers are upset has been asked throughout the week.

When it was announced, Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, received some tweets from concerned Xbox fans over the move. Quantum Break is one of the major console exclusives Xbox One can tout over competitor Sony’s PlayStation 4, and many felt it would be a console seller, which the Xbox One needs to desperately catch up with the sales-dominating PlayStation 4. For many Xbox One owners, the exclusives have been what’s set the system apart from its console counterpart. Many gamers point to the wealth of Xbox One exclusives over Sony’s lineup last year as a clear sign that Xbox is moving forward.

When it was revealed that Quantum Break, a long-since announced game that has been touted as an Xbox One exclusive, was coming to Windows 10, many Xbox One gamers cried afoul of the company they have supported for the past few years. Some took to Twitter to voice their concern, catching the attention of Phil Spencer himself.

Phil’s incredulous response echoed the thoughts of many watching the drama unfold earlier in the week. To the fans who were angry, this wasn’t the reason why they were upset, per se. To the Xbox One fans upset about Quantum Break joining the roster of Xbox One”exclusives” coming to PC, a trend started to appear that made gamers question the very nature of the console they signed up for. However, within the context of the Twitter conversation, the displeased user clarified, stating he was canceling his pre-order based on “principle.”

Reddit users also voiced their displeasure, citing that by making Xbox One exclusives playable on PC, it invalidates the purchase of the console.

Reddit Xbox One Exclusive Quantum Break
Exclusives help to drive console sales and make them viable. This is one of the major arguments for keeping Quantum Break and other games such as Sea ofThieves, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition and the bevy of Xbox One “exclusives” on the Xbox platform. As a result, what many are seeing unfold is the shaping of “Xbox as a service.” To many, this is a great move: more sales of a game on more platforms means better revenue for the developer. In turn, this could mean sequels and better, new IPs to come along. However, on the flip-side, many gamers who spent money on a platform because it was deemed the “only” place to play this game feel burnt by the company they supported.

But, is that the fault of Microsoft, or does the onus lie on the consumer to do their research and not buy products on a “promise?”

It depends on your point of view on the subject. However, as Yahoo! Games points out, Microsoft is walking a tight rope in terms of keeping its consumer base happy. While those upset about the move are likely a vocal minority, it doesn’t take much to set a company on a different course. Just think back to the initial Xbox reveal and compare to its launch; the two products were starkly different.

Regardless of your view on Xbox One “exclusives” coming to PC, it’s never been a better time to be a PC gamer when you look at the landscape with a broad view. PC gamers are getting the exclusives of both consoles, with Sony games like Street Fighter V and No Man’s Sky hitting the PlayStation 4 and PC this year, in addition to all the other great Xbox One games.

Have an opinion on why Xbox One gamers might be upset with Microsoft’s recent moves, or upset yourself? Sound off in the comments below.

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