Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom Attend Same Adele Concert As John Mayer And His Mystery Date

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are definitely a couple now, which is why their attendance at a certain Adele concert could have been very uncomfortable. Katy and Orlando went to see Adele when she performed in Los Angeles on Friday. It just happened to be the same concert that John Mayer was attending with a girl of his own. It must have been awkward for the former couple to both be on a date night to see Adele at the same venue.

Katy and Orlando were photographed as they left The Wiltern on Friday. E! Online reported that the rumored couple was there to see Adele perform, but they might have also seen an eyeful of Katy's ex-boyfriend getting cozy with another woman. Katy and Orlando were seen with a group of people and weren't arm-in-arm in the photographs. Their attempts to not be spotted side-by-side haven't stopped rumors that Orlando is Katy's new man.

The Daily Mail reported that Orlando was seen kissing Katy Perry while they danced along at the Adele concert.

"They seemed to just be enjoying the show as they sung and danced along with some of their other friends," the Daily Mail claimed. "At certain points Orlando would give Katy a peck on the lips but then would just carry on enjoying 'Rolling In The Deep.'"

Orlando and Katy were spotted up in the balcony during the concert and they looked quite cozy together. Orlando was spotted leaning in, trying to talk to Katy during the Adele concert. The two were sitting close to Tom Hanks and reportedly went over to the actor to say hello. They weren't the only stars in attendance at the sold-out Adele concert either. Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, and Woody Harrelson were all spotted enjoying Adele live in concert.

It looks like John Mayer hasn't had any problems moving on since their split either. Mayer was seen at the very same concert and he had a woman with him whose identity has not been revealed. John Mayer didn't have an entourage like Perry did and he also tried to walk ahead of his date as they exited the venue. It was quite clear though that John was definitely there with the mystery date, who kept it casual in a Tupac hoodie and black jeans.

John Mayer must be a creature of habit because he was spotted out on the town with the same mystery woman that was with him at the Adele concert. They were busy partying it up at the West Hollywood hot spot The Nice Guy. Coincidentally, this is the same place Mayer was seen with Katy Perry before they parted ways.

The venue where Adele was performing is large and it's possible that Katy and John never even saw each other. What would have happened if Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry had come face to face with John Mayer and his new woman? John and Katy split last July and by the looks of it, Katy is not bothered a bit that John seems to also have moved on. Katy and Orlando reportedly could not take their eyes off each other during the performance. As far as John Mayer and his new lady, that's all still a mystery. It would be great to find out if Mayer has a serious new relationship brewing or if he just wanted to take a hot date to the Adele show in order to prove to Katy that he is not bothered by her multiple public displays of affection with Orlando Bloom.

[Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images]