Justice Antonin Scalia Found Dead At Texas Resort — Politicians Comment Already

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, 79, was found dead at Cibolo Creek Ranch — a resort in South Texas.

According to the Associated Press, Scalia was the most conservative and most provocative member of the Supreme Court.

The Daily Beast reports that Supreme Court Justice Scalia was found dead on today when after he reportedly did not show up for breakfast. At this moment, his death, is being ruled as a result of natural causes at the Texas resort.

My San Antonio News reports that the U.S. Marshal Service, the Presidio County sheriff, and the FBI were involved in the investigation. They haven’t released any reports of foul play thus far, as the consensus seems to be that Scalia died naturally.

Justice Scalia was the longest serving Supreme Court Justice member of the United States. The San Antonio Express-News writes, that for nearly 30 years, Scalia was served on the court.

Scalia was considered one of the most conservative justices on the Supreme Court and was nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court in 1986 by President Ronald Reagan.

In light of Scalia being found dead this morning, the partisan balance of the Supreme Court will change. The bench sat five conservatives and four liberals. In effect, it will now be consisted of four on each side.

Some politicians are already aware of the political repercussions of Scalia being found dead.

Chief Justice John Roberts issued an official statement.

“On behalf of the Court and retired Justices, I am saddened to report that our colleague Justice Antonin Scalia has passed away, he was an extraordinary individual and jurist, admired and treasured by his colleagues. His passing is a great loss to the Court and the country he so loyally served.”

His SCOTUS colleagues also issued this tweet upon learning the Scalia was found dead.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott released a statement on Scalia’s death today. In his letter, he called Scalia a man of God, a patriot, and an “unwavering defender of the written Constitution.”

The Huffington Post noted some more prominent political figures who expressed their grievances and significance of Scalia’s death.

Barack Obama’s Predecessor, George W. Bush spoke of Scalia’s death.

“Laura and I mourn the death of a brilliant jurist and important American, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. He was a towering figure and important judge on our Nation’s highest court. He brought intellect, good judgment, and wit to the bench, and he will be missed by his colleagues and our country. Laura and I send our heartfelt sympathies and condolences to his wife, Maureen, their nine children, and the entire Scalia family.”


GOP candidate Jeb Bush also gave a statement. Bush said that we lost a great man whose principled service left our nation vastly better off. Bush continued saying that he prayed for Justice Scalia, who himself was devout in faith.

Jeb also prayed for Scalia’s family and 28 grandchildren claiming that Justice Scalia was a brilliant defender of the rule of law — possessing a logic and wit that were unparalelled.

Democratic candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders put political differences aside and weighed in too.

Politics aside, the political atmosphere is mourning the death of Justice Scalia in unison. Politicians also seem to agree that his successor will not be replaced until the next president is sworn in due to the current political atmosphere.

[Image via AP/Alex Wong]