Kanye West Defended After ‘Misogynistic’ Lyrics About Taylor Swift

Kanye West may be disliked by a lot of people, but others apparently think he can do no wrong and that Swift is not only racist for complaining about his harsh lyrics aimed at herself, but that she should “check her privilege.”

Fox News describes what started the controversy.

“According to Swift’s publicist, the pop superstar was bothered by a lyric from West’s new song, ‘Famous,’ which he debuted along with the rest of his album at a fashion show at Madison Square Garden on Thursday.”

Kanye West Photo
The article adds that the lyrics of the song include the line, “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex … I made that b***h famous.” Kanye is obviously referring to the time in 2009, when he interrupted Taylor Swift’s award-winning speech because he thought Beyoncé deserved to win.

According to Us Weekly, at least one person is defending Taylor Swift.

“Selena Gomez stuck up for BFF Taylor Swift in a new interview with SiriusXM’s The Morning Mash Up on Friday, February 12, following the release of Kanye West’s shocking new song ‘Famous.'”

The article adds that Gomez believes that Swift is “killing it” just as she always have. However, some of the comments after the article make it a race issue and Taylor Swift certainly doesn’t come out on top.

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“Taylor Swift needs to shut up and check her privilege. She has profited off Black culture and cultural appropriation so long and Kanye West, an African American, is just calling her out on it. She and all the other white singers need to understand their privilege and stop criticizing Black singers, who have more talent,” claims Proud Gay Millennial.

“Taylor Swift is the symbol of white heterosexual privilege. No talent, no brains, but millions of dollars because of the color of her skin. Go Kanye!” says Alan Smith.

Not everybody commenting under the article is supporting Taylor Swift.

“It must suck to be asked about someone else in your interview. However, it’s nice they are all standing up against Kanye. He’s a d-ouche,” says HA RC.

There have been some pretty harsh comments about Taylor Swift on Twitter.

However, there have also been many tweets condemning Kanye West for his harsh words towards Swift.

Despite all the controversy, Kanye West has just released his new album The Life of Pablo and has earned some great reviews.

“Yet, TLOP will no doubt elicit a more passionate reaction from listeners. In many ways this is West — a man not shy about his flaws — at his most vulnerable. Clearly The Life of Pablo is a complicated one. But the life (and music) of Kanye has never been more compelling,” claims Troy L. Smith of Cleveland.com.

However, there are many in camp Kanye who fear that his new album will flop worse than Yeezus did a couple years back, especially since he has divided audiences with his antics. However, even if The Life of Pablo flops, Mr. West will still be talked about whether the people talking about him like it or not.

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