Lady In Wheelchair Attempts Escalator: You Know The Rest…

BOSTON, Mass – Surveillance cameras in Boston caught quite the quirky scene last weekend. On Friday, a woman in a wheelchair attempted to take an upwards-moving escalator, and as the title of this article suggests, you already know exactly how that turned out.

According to WHDH, the lady took her tumble at around 10:00 a.m. after attempting to board an escalator in her motorized wheelchair. The 56-year-old woman puttered the chair to an up escalator at the Broadway T subway stop, and for a second there, it looked like it was actually going to work. That’s about when she flipped backward and somersaulted down the stairs, reports NY Daily.

A kind passer-by tried to help the woman, but only ended up tripping over her 250-pound wheelchair. It took the quick thinking of an MBTA worker to shut down the escalator. At that point, the woman unbuckled herself from the chair and walked down the steps.

Rather than give the anonymous worker all the credit, MBTA credited the station’s security cameras for the save, installed recently as part of a Department of Homeland Security anti-terrorism project. Similar cameras are going up at 15 other T stations across the city. Of course, some have criticized the surveillance as an invasion of privacy. That kind-of sort-of explains MBTA’s awkwardness about it here.

Of course, we’re all tongue-in-cheek and “Oh, honey” here because the woman was not seriously injured after attempting something that just as easily could have killed her.

Here’s the video. Since she got out of it uninjured and is not, in fact, a paraplegic, I think that it’s acceptable to laugh.

Lady, I want to feel sorry for you, but why would you even attempt this? Seriously.