Kylie Jenner And Kim Kardashian Style Twins, Is Kim Jealous?

The Jenner and Kardashian sisters' resemblance is strong, but recently, Kylie Jenner is developing a style that looks a lot like big sis Kim Kardashian. There's no question Kylie and Kim are related, and it's pretty clear the two Keeping Up With the Kardashians stars are sisters. Hollywood Life reports that now, the two reality stars are starting to look like twins!

Kim, age 35, is almost twice as old as Kylie, age 18, but that doesn't stop Kylie from mimicking her sister's style ideas and pushing in on her queen-of-fashion territory. It also doesn't mean that Kim won't take "some style tips from her trendy" youngest sister when it suits her. Kylie's resemblance to Kim could turn out to be good for both the sisters as they learn new tips and tricks from each other, and keep up with the latest Kardashian trends.

In New York City for NYFW and Kanye West's Yeezy Season 3 show, both Kylie and Kim chose similar styles for their post-show fun. Dressed in "red-hot" red coats on Feb 12, both sisters were "gorgeous" as they stepped out. Kim looked "typically glamorous" as she rocked a red fur coat over a close fitting black bodysuit that showed off the new mom's amazing body. Kardashian has been working hard to regain her figure since the birth of her son, Saint West, two months ago.

The Daily Mail reported that the "opulent vibe" of the red fur complemented the platinum blonde wig Kim was still wearing after the Season 3 launch earlier in the night, and the coat stopped mid-shin to show off Kim's boots. The body-hugging "tight black all-in-one" she wore was "cropped at the knee" so that the impressive "brown lace-up stilettos were on full display.'Kylie chose a "racy" red leather for her coat, teaming it with a stretchy black jumpsuit all-in-one that was nearly a twin of Kim's. Kylie's was strappier, showing off bare shoulders when the coat slipped down to her arms, and featured a lot of decolletage, as well as "some strategic cut outs." around the waist. "It's a red coat showdown between Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner!" tweeted DJ Baker's E. Biafra.Kim and Kylie were together a lot that day, and might have checked in with each other about their twin wardrobe choices, but fans think it's likely that neither one knew what the other was wearing. Kylie posted a photo of her outfit to Instagram though, so if Kim had really wanted to be different from the "smoking" red-coat look, she could have been prepared with a change of clothes.There have been lots of other times that Kylie's resembled Kim's fashions and turned up as "style twins" on social media or in the news.In October 2015, Elle magazine published a gallery of pics in an article that set out to prove (in a fun way of course) that Kim and Kylie are the "exact same person!"Some fans have had fun creating photoshopped versions of the KUWTK sisters' faces side by side in "Kim vs Kylie" posts.With all the twins styling going on, and Kylie's amazing success since she turned 18 last summer, some fans have been worried that Kim is jealous of her fashion competition.It looks like Kim is happy to support her sister, and she may even enjoy pretending to have a twin.[Photo by Tinseltown/Shutterstock]