Kiss And Make Up: 13,461 Instagram Posts With Lipstick Kisses On Hands Spells #Kissandmakeup Anti-Cyberbullying Trend

There’s a reason why women are posting photos of a lipstick kiss on the back of their hand and posting the photos to social media. The #kissandmakeup label enjoys 13,461 posts on Instagram as of this writing, with many of the photos showing women holding their hands up to their mouths as they take their selfies. The whole point behind the “kiss and make up” movement involves a reminder to be kind to one another, and to do away with cyber bullying.

The “kiss and make up” campaign was started by Tarte Cosmetics and within 12 hours, the number of social media posts using that tag had grown. The main message from the company was to focus on not just worrying about looking pretty, but to also focus on other attributes that add to real beauty. Those include humor, kindness, intelligence, and strength.

“We get so worried about being “pretty.” Let’s BE pretty KIND, pretty FUNNY, pretty SMART, and pretty STRONG!” –@littlelizziev

Help create awareness about cyber-bullying by tagging a person you’d like to share a positive message with and post a picture with a kiss stain on the back of your hand using #kissandmakeup and be sure to tag @tartecosmetics &@bystanderrevolution!

The “kiss and make up” message reminds folks that just because they think they are hiding behind the anonymity of a computer or smartphone doesn’t mean they’re given license to be mean to others. Hurtful comments, jabs, and other words written or spoken out of jealousy or evil intent are encouraged to be done away with and replaced with something more loving.

As reported by A Plus, the “kiss and make up” movement is a powerful one on Instagram.

On Twitter, people are also participating in the “kiss and make up” campaign by posting their images of mostly lipstick-kissed hands in front of their mouths, and sharing their own feelings about the anti-cyberbullying campaign.

Cyberbullying can be witnessed by taking a stroll down any feed on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and reading the comments. Even beneath popular web articles, cyberbullying can be seen where people argue among each other in the comments section, tagging one another and going back and forth. As reported by Vanity Fair, Monica Lewinsky sought to put an end to hateful online speech by creating emojis that battled against cyberbullying.

Some of the most powerful messages being shared with the anti-bullying campaign prove that those posting the message have dealt with bullying themselves online. Certain users post descriptions along with their “kiss and make up” photos that tell others of their own experiences with a cyber bully. Surprisingly, some instances of bullying, as reported by KTUL, come from “mean moms” who bully one another on social media due to difference in vaccinations, parenting styles, and the like. Therefore, the “kiss and make up” campaign can represent not only a way for young people and adolescents not to bully one another, but also for older folks who need to learn the same lessons about being kind on the internet.

As seen on the Twitter page of makeup artists like , the “kiss and make up” campaign is being called worthy by high-profile cosmetic artists. The “kiss and make up” campaign represents a way to use lipstick to spread a positive message — and not just use it as a pretty decoration for the lips.

Just found out about and their campaign to help stop cyber bullying. Amazing cause! Let’s show our support!????

The fact that a person might lash out in pain to bully another person is the lesson being reiterated through the “kiss and make up” campaign.

“How sad is it to see someone so hurt with themselves that they have to go and hurt everyone else to feel good. So done

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