Listen To Kids Explain What Love Is To Jimmy Kimmel For Valentine’s Day

Jimmy Kimmel has a knack for giving his audience the feels. Whether he does a skit that makes the audience laugh so hard they cry, or he shares an adorable video of kids that makes you say “Aw,” he’ll always succeed in evoking an emotion of some sort. In the case of Friday night’s show, it was the latter as he, in honor of Valentine’s Day,” asked a few randomly selected kids to share with him the meaning of love.

"Your love is like a red, red rose," says the poem by Robert Burns. But these kids have a different idea about the true meaning of love, and it's a little less romantic. (Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Dunkin' Donuts)

He introduces the clip by first saying, “Love is a mysterious thing…Love is… it’s difficult to put into words, so with the most romantic day of the year approaching on Sunday, we though it would be fun to go out on the street to ask children to explain love, and well, this is what they said.”

Following the introduction, he rolls a few touching clips that will make you laugh and say “aww” at the same time. One kid takes it upon himself to give the most obvious definition, by saying, “Love is when you love somebody…and it’s when you love somebody…and you really really love somebody.”

Another girl takes a less romantic approach, saying it’s “gross” when asked the question. She’s got a point, since there’s always a lot of “gross kissing” when two people love each other.

Or maybe love is like “heaven” as one pre-adolescent boy tells the camera. He’s the same boy who recommends going to a “woman casino” if you want to meet girls.

One highlight was when a British girl who was maybe 9-years-old said that she had completely given up on love at her age, “I’m not really into that stuff anymore. Like, marrying. I feel like I just want to be single now. Maybe when I get older.”

Another little boy who looked like he was about three is taking a different approach to the whole love thing. He admitted to already having a girlfriend, and when asked what he likes best about her, the answer was easy, “Her hair,” he said. Then, “She has beautiful toys.” It’s clear where his priorities lie.

See the whole video below.

It really takes you back to what it was like to be an innocent kid, thinking that love was just for fun. It’s kind of refreshing to hear their take on it, particularly since today, so many people are obsessed with finding love around the world, even if the match isn’t perfect.

Now, people seem so obsessed with finding love that Valentine’s Day becomes a holiday of dread, not of romance. As most people age,they feel a more pressing drive to make love a permanent part of their lives. If they can’t meet someone in person, they’ll go online to websites like Tinder.

Those things aren’t necessarily bad, but sometimes people take it a little too seriously and struggle to find their identity without someone to share a life with. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if we lightened up a little about love and approached online dating as something a little more like “chicken tinders,” as one boy points out?

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and this video is the perfect reminder that it’s okay to have fun and be a little innocent. Love shouldn’t too serious. Take what you will from this video that says what love is. Jimmy Kimmel is just trying to help to lighten the mood this Valentine’s Day.

[Image via Jason Kempin/Getty Images]