Ricki Lake Gets New Talk Show

Children of the 90s–rejoice! Ricki Lake, the queen of daytime television has returned to us. It shouldn’t really be a surprise that Lake is reemerging on television after an eight year hiatus since her last show, appropriately titled Ricki Lake Show. Last year Ricki Lake made a splash by appearing as a constant on Dancing with the Stars, and even got pretty far in the competition, taking home third place.

It’s the second attempt since her popular Ricki Lake Show went off the air eight years ago, but Lake doesn’t seem to be rusty on how to please her core demographic. The rebooted The Ricki Lake Show won’t shy away from popular taboo subjects that made her previous show popular amongst viewers.

During a promotion for the new show, Ricki Lake introduces her format and wishes for the new show, saying that the new show will focus on a dialogue spanning the gamut–from sex to children. “Whatever you want to talk about,” she announces in the promotion, “the conversation begins here.” Lake will be seen opening up a more conversational dialogue that allows women to openly talk about themselves.

If there’s one thing that’s certain it’s that Ricki Lake is familiar with tragedy, having been public about various struggles in her adult life. In 2005 after 10 years of marriage Lake and husband illustrator Robert Sussman decided to call it quits. The two share two children together, Milo, 15, and Owen, 11. In addition, Ricki Lake has been publicly open about her battle with her obesity, citing her experience with being sexually abused as a child as a big issue stemming from her perception of weight.

Ricki Lake’s new show The Ricki Lake Show will premiere September 10, 2012.