Kanye West Twitter Rant Praises Rihanna, Defends Caitlyn Jenner And Asks Fans to 'Respect The Struggle'

Kanye West went on a long Twitter rant on Friday, something his fans have come to expect from the controversial, 38-year-old rapper. As Us Weekly reports, West covered a wide range of topics in his tweets and took time to praise Rihanna and Caitlyn Jenner.

"Respect the struggle… respect the hustle… respect the dreams… respect the movement…," he wrote.

Kanye went on to slam one media publication who he claimed disrespected his latest fashion collection, Yeezy Season 3.

"I had an album listening and clothing presentation and Madison Square Garden," he wrote. "People were crying… people were throwing up the fist… people were dancing… but [they] couldn't say one thing positive knowing damn well you'd love to be on the YEEZY 350 list."

The review of Yeezy Season 3 was published on MediaTakeOut who said that, "the fashion critics were completely UNDERWHELMED. In fact, the clothes looked THE SAME as his last season - a bunch of torn rags for $2,000."

That obviously offended Kanye who, as E! Online reports, shared how difficult it was to bring his fashion vision to life.

"I'm a human being...I'm an artist, bro," he said. "Your site is entertaining and hilarious but certain things are just too far...you have no idea what I've had to go through. So many people didn't make it and gave everything they had for me to stand on their shoulders and break through fashion. Fashion ain't no joke for me...It's a way of life...creative expression and industry."

So far the site has not commented on Kanye's Twitter tirade against them.

During his Twitter rant, Kanye West also gave a shout out to Caitlyn Jenner and thanked her for encouraging him to fulfill his fashion dreams.

"And I'm proud of this picture with me and Caitlyn…," he wrote in reference to his photo above with the I Am Cait star, "She gave the most heart felt speech at my wedding and was in full support to see me realize this dream."

West also gave props to Rihanna who is fulfilling a fashion dream of her own. She recently debuted her fashion collaboration with PUMA at New York Fashion Week.

"Wow the paradigm has shifted," Kanye wrote of the Fenty x PUMA collection. "She killed it… everything is changed now!!!! Lil Sis kiiiiiiiilled this sh*t!!!!

He compared the experience to the movie Tron, in all caps.


You read that right, despite all of the hype and hubbub around a lyric on one of the songs that references Taylor Swift, The Life of Pablo is not finished as yet. As E! Online reports, Kanye had previously claimed that it would be out on Friday but that did not happen. Kanye is currently blaming Chance The Rapper for the delay.

"It's Chance's fault the album not out yet...he really wanted 'Waves' on that B*tch...we in the lab now," Kanye said.

According to E! Online, Chance the Rapper confirmed that he had worked tirelessly to finish "Waves" to ensure that it got a place on The Life of Pablo.

"I fought everyone to keep 'Waves' on the album," Chance said. "I spent all night finishing it. The world is better because of it."

Kanye is expected to perform tracks from The Life of Pablo tonight on Saturday Night Live.

Meanwhile one of West's oldest friends, Rhymefest, is claiming that he needs counseling, Hip Hop DX reports. Rhymefest, who has co-written many songs on classic Kanye West albums said that something about Kanye's spirit isn't "right," in response to fans who weren't happy with Kanye's new material.

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