A Look Inside PerezHilton.com Staggering Traffic Numbers for June 2008

Perez Hilton has revealed his site’s traffic numbers for June 2008 and they are staggering.

First, here’s a quote from the earlier post over at PerezHilton.com:

Last week, was our busiest week ever on the site!

And, the month of June was our most visited month in the website’s history.

According to Sitemeter.com, we had 268.9 million page views last month.

That’s insane!!!!

Our previous record was 249.9 million in February of this year.

And, just a year ago, in June of 2008, we “only” had 207.3 million page views for the month.

268.9 million page views in 30 days for June 2008. Let’s break that down and do some rough guesstimates:

268,900,000 / 30 days = 8,963,000+ pageviews average per day, or 373,000 pageviews per hour, which is more than most sites on the internet could hope for in a month, but I digress.

Lets look at some possible revenue figures. If Perez is getting on average about $5 gross per 1000 page views, a very conservative estimate, monthly gross revenue for the site would come in at about $1,344,500 per month. Since a site the size of PH would more than likely have special deals with advertisers, plus the fact that the main agency on the site is Blogads, that $5/1000 would more than likely be up near the $10/1000 (possibly more) which would effectively double gross revenue to somewhere in the range of $2.5mil to $2.7mil. per month.

The numbers are rough with a lot of guessing involved, but it’s safe to say the Queen of all media is no slouch financially and is running a $15mil – $20mil + per year business, which is probably more than a lot of the stars he snipes at are making.

Not bad for a snarky celebrity blogger drama queen ;-)