‘The Voice’ Winner Jordan Smith Announces First Album, Releases Single

Winner of The Voice, Jordan Smith, will soon be releasing his very first album. It’s preceded with a single called “Stand in the Light.” It comes to you via a collaboration with Republic Records and Lightworkers Media.

Smith announced that his album would be called Something Beautiful. He also collaborated with hit producers David Foster and Stephan Moccio, who have been key advisors on his upcoming album.

Moccio was recently nominated for a Grammy and an Oscar for his work on Beauty Behind the Madness. He was integral in the production of Smith’s lead single, which became available on Friday.

Smith says this song and his album are very dear to his heart. “It is my own story set to music,” the 22-year-old told People. “It was a joy to work alongside Stephan Moccio to bring such a beautiful song with such an important, powerful message to life.”

He also had a message for fans.

“My only hope is that it will inspire and encourage my fans as much as it inspires me each time I sing it.”

You can listen to his single in the video below.

At 22 and already releasing his first album, Smith has his future set. Not only is has he produced an album in record time, but he also recently became engaged to his longtime girlfriend Kristen Denny at the beginning of 2016.

He sounds so confident and strong every time he sings, but apparently he wasn’t always that way. He discussed how because of The Voice, he’s been able to get over a lot of his issues with confidence.

“The show’s proven to me, and I hope it’s proven to America, it doesn’t matter what’s on the outside,” he said. “What matters is on the inside and how you use the gifts you’ve been given.”

If the show wasn’t enough to boost his confidence, his iTune’s stats should be. He’s comparing to artists like Adele, whom he surpassed on the charts during his time on the show. It’s no doubt that we’ll continue to see that kind of singing from him.

He and the British pop singer Adele have a lot in common. Both struggled with confidence issues, and both have incredibly unique voices. Smith has admitted to idolizing Adele in the past, saying he wants to be just like her.

“I think she’s an unconventional pop singer,” he said. “What she has is special, and people are obviously drawn to that and love that about her. I want to have a career like that where people are moved by my music.”

His sales records are also extremely impressive. He’s sold 1.2 million tracks to date and 50,000 albums featuring his The Voice performances. He was also the first artist in all nine seasons of the show to be in the top 10 every single week of the Live Rounds.

When Jordan Smith sang during his time on 'The Voice,' he never ceased to wow the audience members, as evidenced by his record-breaking iTunes downloads and sales. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

“When you hear Jordan Smith’s beautiful debut album Something Beautiful you will be transported.” said executive producers Roma Downey and Mark Burnett of Lightworkers Media in a statement. “These amazing song choices combined with his beautiful voice will take you on a heartfelt and hope filled emotional journey. It is our hope that you allow this special album from this extraordinary young man to wash over you and renew your spirit.”

Something Beautiful is scheduled for release on March 18. It will include the following tracks:

1. Over the Rainbow
2. Stand in the Light
3. You Are So Beautiful
4. Beautiful
5. Angel
6. And So it Goes
7. Amazing Grace
8. I Got To Be Me
9. Settle
10. What Now
11. Ain’t Got Far to Go
12. Beautiful Thing

This will likely be the first of many, many albums from The Voice winner Jordan Smith.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriquez/Getty Images]