WWE News: WWE Chairman Vince McMahon Reportedly Almost Fired Titus O’Neil Over Touching Incident

WWE Superstar Titus O’Neil was recently suspended by WWE due to “unprofessional conduct.” This news is according to the WWE, as they’ve made clear in various unofficial statements to the press. However, WWE has yet to make an official announcement or even put out a presser over the suspension like they do with all other suspensions, which is why fans believe that Titus may get his suspension reduced.

He did have it reduced a bit, as he was originally suspended for 90 days, and then the amount went down to 60. He will still miss WrestleMania 32, but Titus O’Neil has been taking this as well as one can. This is clearly a good thing for him, as the former WWE Tag Team Champion could only do harm to his career by going public with his complaints.

What is so surprising is that the ordeal was a joke gone wrong. Pro Wrestling Sheet claims that Titus said, “ladies first” when he grabbed McMahon in a playful manner. It was to allow McMahon’s daughter, Stephanie, to pass first. Basically, Titus was suspended because he had manners. McMahon has since tried to put off the suspension as a warning to the roster to be more professional, as there have been a lot of issues with wrestlers violating rules.

Titus O'Neill [Image via WWE]You would be even more surprised to learn that Titus was almost fired. According to PWTorch, Titus was going to be fired over the issue by McMahon. However, both Joey Mercury and Triple H talked him out of the firing, which is why the suspension was so high originally. Clearly it was reduced since then, but Vince was still ticked over the ordeal.

This put WWE in quite a bind, as it came off stupid to almost everyone. Most of the talent are staying quiet on the issue, but those who have spoken up mention that nothing seemed that bad. Few even knew about the suspension until the news outlets reported on it.

What is so surprising is that WWE has tried to sort of make sense of the suspension since it has occurred. If they would have fired Titus O’Neil, the world would have called this a case of Vince acting like an old man who makes stupid decisions out of emotion. However, Titus was still suspended. Now, damage control is being done. WWE is now trying to make sense of things due to McMahon’s decision, which he won’t back out of due to ego.

Prime Time Players [Image via WWE]WWE has been called “racist” due to the suspension, as well, even though the only black talent to have ever been suspended by WWE did violate the WWE Wellness Policy and were rightfully given a 30 day suspension. Titus is the first black talent to have been suspended for something random like unprofessional conduct. The last person to give WWE such an issue was CM Punk, who eventually was fired and on his wedding day no less.

Titus O’Neil has done nothing to get fired, and he may actually benefit from this seemingly pointless suspension. WWE fans love to get behind people who they feel are not treated as well as they should be. While Titus had not stood out as a singles performer yet in his WWE career, WWE fans might call for a small push due to the reaction he will surely get upon his return to the ring from the suspension.

This might work out well in the end for Titus O’Neil. It will then be up to Titus to do well with the fans behind him. If he can, he might get a push to some sort of singles title. With the WWE United States Title seemingly in flux all the time, it might be an option for him right away. We will have wait and see what WWE does, but Titus very well could have been given a gift with all of the controversy.

[Image via WWE]