Kanye West: A Complete Guide To Every Time He Changed ‘The Life Of Pablo’ Tracklist

Kanye West has changed The Life Of Pablo tracklist more times than a 3-year-old changes it’s mind about what it wants to eat. It’s now February 13, and it seems like each time we ask “is The Life of Pablo out?” we get yet another track list for the anticipated album.

Come on Kanye, just drop the album already.

The New Yorker reports that Kanye West had his Yeezy Season 3 show at Madison Square Garden the other day, where he played The Life of Pablo in its entirety.

The internet has been trying desperately to get its hands on a Life of Pablo live rip from Madison Square Garden, and all Kanye has dropped so far is a few trees because of all the paper he’s wasted with his revised tracklists.

I thought it’s only right that we look back on every single time Kanye has changed the tracklist for The Life of Pablo, previously called Swish, previously called Waves, previously called So Help Me God. Now that I think about it, he’s changed the album title a lot too.


So, back in January, Kanye said that he was done “the best album of all time,” and had ten songs written down on a blank piece of notebook paper.

That was then.


Exactly two days later, after we thought he was finished, he tweeted out the above revised tracklist for the then-called Swish. Not only did it come with a new song called “Ultra Light Beams,” it also came with some other awesome words written around it. Honestly, the writing around the tracklist is an artistic accomplishment in and of itself.

One of them said “Kim Never Left.”

He also broke up the album into three acts. So, to reiterate, he had 11 songs back in January.


In a crazy turn of events, Kanye West tweeted out another revised tracklist literally the same day. He had crossed out “Ninja Chop” and renamed it “Famous,” which is the song that caused a bit of drama between Taylor Swift and himself later on.

In February he changed the album title to The Life of Pablo, and tweeted out his fourth revised tracklist for the album.


This time, there were ten songs significantly jumbled up from his previous three act structure for Swish.“Ultra Light Beams” became the first song instead of the last one, and “Famous” dropped down to be number four on the tracklist.

But Yeezy was not finished.


After tweeting out a new cover for the album that looks like something a glitchy 2006 HP computer running Microsoft Windows could’ve designed, he blessed the public with yet another revision.


Yesterday he gave us yet another Life of Pablo tracklist written on yet another piece of notebook paper with 17 songs on it.

That was yesterday.

Honestly, I’m looking forward to hearing The Life of Pablo just as much as anyone. I like Kanye’s music and I even think that while he lets his emotions get the best of him sometimes, he only means well in the end.

The Life of Pablo was supposed to come out yesterday, but you never know if Kanye West will put out yet another album tracklist.

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]