Washington Redskins Ink Deal With Robert Griffin III

Heisman trophy winner and No. 2 NFL draft pick Robert Griffin III has signed his deal with the Washington Redskins, a contract worth $21.1 million over four-years.

According to insiders the contract has is fully guaranteed with no off-set language. ESPN analyst Andrew Brandt said in a “Football Today podcast this week that “offset language” is to blame for many NFL rookies remaining unsigned. Out of 32-first round draft choices 13 still remain without a signed contract.

According to Brandt:

“Teams want language in the contract, these are fully guaranteed contracts, saying that if they cut the player at some point and he signs with another team, they offset their guarantee. So they cut a player, he signs for a million dollars somewhere, that million comes off what they owe.”

Griffin will now begin working out with the team during day three of a five-day rookie camp. Griffin was not considered a holdout because the teams first official training camp doesn’t start until July 26.

The Washington Redskins must now wait with bated breadth to see if they can utilize Robert Griffin III as they have hoped. During the off-season the Redskins made a bold power trade to secure Griffin, handing the St. Louis Rams three first-round picks and a second-round pick for the No. 2 draft position.

Following his new contract Robert Griffin III on Wednesday tweeted:

“HTTR” stands for “Hail to The Redskins” which is the teams officially fighting song.

During his time with Baylor the star QB tied 54 school records while playing in just 41 games before he decided to declare for the draft. Griffin completed 800 of 1,192 passes (67 percent) for 10,366 yards, with 78 touchdowns and 17 interceptions. Robert Griffin III also managed to set a Bears record with 2,254 yards and 33 TDs rushing.