‘Suits’ Season 5 Spoilers: Donna Commits Perjury For Harvey And Mike In Episode 14 [Promo]

In the new episode of Suits, Season 5, titled “Self Defense,” Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and Mike (Patrick J. Adams) will continue to argue on what is the best move to defeat Anita Gibbs (Leslie Hope). Donna (Sarah Rafferty) also finds herself in the middle of committing perjury to save Mike.

According to the official synopsis for Suits Season 5 Episode 14, “Self Defense,” Mike will try to convince Harvey to let him represent his own case. Given that he did not really go to Harvard, or any law school for that matter, Harvey thought that this is a bad idea.

“You can’t win this trial,” Harvey said.

“I can and I will,” Mike retaliated.

In the last episodes of Suits, Mike pointed out that the way to convince the jury that he is innocent is if he acted like one. As they were trying to prove that he is actually a lawyer, he believes that it will be best if he represents his own case.

Suits Season 5 Episode 14 will see the start of Mike’s trial. In the promo video, Anita Gibbs calls on Donna and Trevor (Tom Lipinski) to the stands.

“Did Mike Ross go to Harvard law or not?” Gibbs asked.

When Anita Gibbs dragged Donna’s father in Mike’s case, in an attempt to get her to turn on Harvey, Donna tried to remain calm and put all her trust in Harvey. She shared that she made the mistake of not trusting him before. She wholeheartedly believe that he will do everything he can to protect him.

As Donna, however, is put under oath to speak nothing but the truth, will she be willing to commit perjury to protect Harvey and Mike?

In an interview with Collider, Sarah Rafferty revealed that the coming episodes of Suits Season 5 is going to get even more interesting from now on. Now that Mike’s secret has been revealed, Rafferty shared that things are going to get darker, not only for Mike but for everyone in Pearson Specter Litt.

No matter what happens, Rafferty said that Donna will be on Harvey and Mike’s side. Unlike Jessica (Gina Torres), who did not trust Mike since the beginning, Donna knew that she is willing to risk everything for him.

“For Donna, it’s not a sacrifice for Mike and it’s not a sacrifice for Harvey. She was a part of this. They were all a part of it, in a way. It’s different for Jessica. But from Donna’s point of view, they’re family and they’re all in this together.”

It also helped that Donna has so much faith in Harvey. Rafferty believes that they will all be able to get through this, unscathed.

“She doesn’t feel like she’s looking down the barrel of jail time. She knows it’s going to be rough, but I think she knows that Harvey is going to make it okay,” Rafferty explained.

Meanwhile, speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Suits showrunner Aaron Korsh shared that Sheila will play a major role in the coming episodes come Season 5. It was previously revealed that she was the one who wrote the anonymous letter that started it all.

“Sheila’s involvement in this thing is not limited in any shape or way to us finding out she was the one who wrote the email. It’s going to have ramifications that last through this season,” Korsh explained.

In the past episode, Louis tried to convince Sheila to fly out of the country so she can save herself and her job. While she seemed to agree with Louis, spoilers for “Self Defense” hinted that Louis’ plans may eventually backfire.

Suits Season 5 Episode 14, titled “Self Defense,” airs Thursday, February 18, on USA. Watch the promo below.

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