‘Dance Moms’ Star Maddie Ziegler Feels Awkward Talking About Boys, Crushes With ALDC [Video]

In the new episode of Dance Moms: The Girl’s Guide To Life, the girls of ALDC talked about their crushes and shared tips on how to approach your crush this Valentine’s Day. In the episode, Kendall Vertes also put Brynn Rumfallo on the spot by saying that she has a boyfriend.

“If I have a crush on someone, I’ll tell everyone but Kendall, she’ll tell the boy!” Mackenzie Ziegler said.

Clearly embarrassed, Brynn tried to evade the question but Kendall only persisted, asking if they broke up.

“See, that’s why you can’t tell Kendall anything!” Nia Frazier joked.

We are running crazy in Disneyland today! I ❤️ this girl! @niasioux

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Dance Moms star Brynn Rumfallo then shared that there was a guy from school that really liked her and told her that he is going to get her a Valentine’s present. She told him that she shouldn’t do that, adding that she would not accept it.

“Next day, he comes with a rolling chair and there’s balloons. He bought me a necklace and chocolates. I was so embarrassed I started crying on my desk. He was so sad because I’m like, ‘I’m not going to take it.’”

Kalani Hilliker shared that when she was in third grade she also received a heart necklace from someone at her school but ended up throwing it on the floor.

“When I was in third grade, a boy proposed to me,” JoJo Siwa shared.

The girls of Dance Moms also gave out advice on what to do when you have a crush on someone. Watch the adorable video below.

While the new episode of Dance Moms: The Girl’s Guide To Life, drew mostly positive comments, some netizens pointed out that Maddie Ziegler looked “awkward and bored” the entire time. Since she has started doing more projects than Dance Moms, some were wondering if she is letting all the fame go to her and thinking that she is better than the girls. They added that she should tone down her attitude a bit.

“Snap out of it Maddie, you’ll have no friends by the end, even your sister will dislike you,” a netizen wrote.

Some Dance Moms fans, however, immediately defended Maddie Ziegler. Some held that the producers were trying to make her deliberately making her look back in this episode. Some pointed out that maybe Maddie was just not interested in talking about boys.

“Abby and her mom put a lot of pressure on her so she probably doesn’t relate to what the other girls are talking about because she’s always so busy. She doesn’t have the luxury of just being a normal teen (pre teen) like the other kids so when they talk about certain things she just kind of fades to the back,” another netizen wrote.

It has long been rumored that Maddie Ziegler is leaving Dance Moms to pursue a career in acting. After starring in Sia’s music trilogy, Pretty Little Liars and The Book of Henry, the 13-year-old dancer is ready to take on more challenges in her career.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Maddie’s mother Melissa Gisoni confirmed that she and her daughter will not be returning after Dance Moms Season 6. Ziegler’s younger sister Mackenzie will also leave the Lifetime series.


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Maddie has always been vocal about the possibility of her leaving the reality show in the future. She explained that she wanted to concentrate on acting and modeling. Ziegler, however, shared that she remained thankful for all the opportunities that opened up because of her ALDC coach Abby Lee Miller and Dance Moms.

Apart from The Book of Henry directed by Colin Trevorrow, Maddie Ziegler is set to star in Sia’s new movie, Sister.

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