Joseph Ziyaee: How Ziyaee Made $90,000 From Uber In 6 Months With Uber Driver Referral Bonus Promo Codes

Joseph Ziyaee is being called the new “King of Uber” for good reason, and people are finding it shocking that Ziyaee has made $90,000 from Uber in six months without even driving an Uber car that often. Initially making more than $20,000 in one month from Uber due to Joseph’s driving manner in which Ziyaee went after new Uber drivers, Ziyaee’s Uber earnings swelled to more than $90,000 in just six months when he focused on just referrals.

Ziyaee discovered it was harder to drive with a broken foot, so Joseph’s referral bonuses for signing up new Uber drivers became a boon and blessing to Ziyaee. According to Uber, there are indeed referral payments paid to folks who refer new Uber drivers to Uber, but Uber doesn’t publish the exact payment bonus rates as of this writing. Uber does report that their referral codes for new Uber drivers offer payments that vary based on the city where the promo code is attributed, and that’s where Joseph found his sweet spot of Uber earnings.

Rider Referrals allow drivers to earn cash for inviting new Uber riders who apply your promo code to their accounts before taking their first trip. To find your promo code, sign in at the link below and select “Invites.” Please note that referrals obtained by posting your code to daily deal sites or paid advertisements, including but not limited to Facebook ads or Google AdWords, will not be eligible for the incentive through

Referral credits will be reflected on your payment statement when the partner you referred has completed the minimum number of trips required. Referral rewards vary by city and are subject to change periodically. You can check how much you will earn for a particular referral at any time in the Invites section of your partner dashboard.

If you invite a driver outside of your city, the referral reward will be determined by the city of the invited partner.”

According to the very popular Business Insider article titled “How this Uber driver made $90,000 in 6 months while barely driving at all” by — which was published on February 4, and has swelled to 1,535,412 views with 49 comments as of this writing — the publication saw Ziyaee’s $90,000 worth of receipts for his referral earnings.

Apparently, an Uber referral can average about $450 per referral, according to the figures published about Ziyaee. Business Insider reports that Joseph went after new potential Uber drivers in cities that had the highest bonuses — the cities that needed Uber drivers so badly that Uber was will to pay big bucks for new driver referrals. Having signed up about 200 people onto Uber, Joseph’s $90,000 in referral bonuses mean Ziyaee has averaged a $450 Uber referral bonus for each sign up.

The Business Insider report about “King of Uber” Blake Jareds, who made $50,000 via Uber referral code bonuses inspired Ziyaee to take his Uber earnings through the roof. With Ziyaee urging his new Uber drivers to sign up under his Uber referral code, both the new Uber driver and Joseph got bonuses. As seen in the above text from Uber, Uber doesn’t let folks plop their referral codes just anywhere.

No Facebook ads, Google AdWords ad promoting — nor can folks put their referral codes on Reddit — a lesson Blake learned the hard way when he did so and had his Reddit account suspended. So, Joseph focused on finding new Uber riders the semi-old fashioned way. Ziyaee found new Uber drivers via word of mouth and via Snapchat.


Ziyaee actually drove to some cities to recruit new Uber drivers, like San Diego and San Francisco. Joseph did a lot of handholding, with Ziyaee directly training folks and helping them get started with Uber’s process.


(AP Photo/John Locher)